Inherit the Wind, right here in Western Minnesota

Hey, Stevens County and all the residents thereabout: you can catch a performance of Inherit the Wind tonight at 7, or tomorrow in a matinee at 2, in lovely Barrett, Minnesota. I’ll be there. My colleague in the biology department, Van Gooch, will be acting in the show, so UMM people should definitely go.


  1. says

    I saw that a few months ago. It’s definitely worth seeing, although I hated that one song they kept playing. Lots of good quotations.

  2. Joan says

    How wonderful it is to see that they are willing to put on a play that might actually be seen as controversial at their rural location! I think too often that important issues are all together avoided just to keep the vocal right from complaining loudly in rural areas.

  3. Chet says

    Dr. Gooch is still there? He judged my 7th grade science project. (I guess I did alright; I went on to state.)

  4. says

    Gooch is still here, and still going strong. He has announced that he’s beginning a phased retirement next year, spread over a few years — if you want to say hello after that, you’ll have to catch him out at the lake.

  5. Randall says

    My one concern with the play is that it portrays Bryant as a young-earth creationist, when a plain reading of the original court testimony clearly shows that he was an old-earth creationist. I don’t know why the change was made; I know it’s supposed to be a fictionalized account, but it seems they could have kept that accurate without losing much of the play’s effect.

  6. chips says

    Professors have no friends, if they do they are considered unintelligent. Colleagues are thier friends. You can’t be as high up as the professor. Yes this had everything to do with what you posted Mr. Meyers. Yes this is totally worth your time. Sorry i am not too good with words and all smart. Most people’s comments on this is that they are afraid to sound dumb. Especially you “Randall”. Maybe I just duu yosi

  7. Chinchillazilla says

    My theatre club at school did that one; unfortunately I was busy at the time and couldn’t participate, but I did go see it. Great play.

  8. bernarda says

    Here is a little folk song about ID, Darwin and stuff.

    It’s by a guy I didn’t know about Chris Smither. “Origin of Species”.

    There is a great line about sex at the end.

  9. Two L says

    Of course, the play has little to do with historical events, but propaganda rallies like this can help make you feel good about treating people like garbage.

  10. says

    My favorite part of Inherit the Wind is, I think, the exchange between Henry Drummond (the Clarence Darrow stand-in) and E. K. Hornbeck (based on H. L. Mencken) where Drummond asks, “Have you ever been in love, Hornbeck?”

    Hornbeck replies, “Only with the sound of my own words, thank God.”

    I found an old paperback copy of the play in a second-hand bookstore (the store was probably first-hand, that is, but the books all had history behind them). I was amused to see that Hornbeck’s speeches were all typeset as verse, while everybody else spoke prose!

    Overall, I think Inherit the Wind is much gentler on Bryan than Mencken was at the time. (Mencken was also the one to snark, “It is the four Methodists on the jury who are expected to hold out for giving Scopes Christian burial after he is hanged.”)

  11. says

    Of course, the play has little to do with historical events, but propaganda rallies like this can help make you feel good about treating people like garbage.

    Nonsense, it has a great deal to do with historical events, namely the McCarthy era.

    Or do you mean that it’s not historically accurate? I’m sure that will come as a great shock to the two or three people who might have been led to believe that every sentence H.L. Mencken uttered was in blank verse.