1. says

    This proves it – the dinosaurs were Dirty F*cking Hippies!

    I must beg to differ, Tlazolteotl. Polyester leisure suits were the very antithesis of hippies. Sure, there was a bit of flare to the pant legs, but they were not bell-bottoms. I had a nice beige Angels Flight outfit (no, really!) that was just too too in junior college. Love beads were not considered compatible accessories. (Gold chains, maybe.)

  2. Sean says

    I find your knowledge of that era’s fashion to be disturbing.

    Now where are my parachute pants, Miami Vice jacket and pastel t-shirt?

  3. bonoboman says

    Next we’ll have the Dino-Cosmetologist’s Shop-Union Photos…

    I wonder if the Creationaries are jealous of the fact that the Dino’s only engaged in Immaculate Conception (as they had no penises…)?!?

    Zippers and Buttons must have been a real bitch with those clawed hands…

    Thanks for the chuckle today – Bonobo

  4. says

    Hint: If the dinosaur wore a clingy polyester print Huk-A-Poo shirt, a pair of tight Wrangler jeans, striped knee socks, and crepe-soled Bass 100 shoes, it must have been an adolescent female.

  5. bernarda says

    Maybe you folks don’t realize it, but it was recently discovered that Ken Ham is from the previously unknown Cretinaceous period of prehistory.

    The only other confirmed specimen from this period also came from Australia, Rupert Murdoch. Well, he and his family. Though it seems to be most evident in Australia, there is speculation among researchers that related species are found in America.

    Most notably, it is the Bushes, Cheneys, Wolfowitzes, Perles, etc. that attract the most attention.

    The Cretinaceous period has just begun to be studied, so many more remnants are expected to be found. The Born-Again and Republican strata seem to be very promising.

  6. says

    As I mentioned to PZ, my superior research skills (I know how to use Google Images) permitted me to discover the source of the white leisure suit that the cartoonist Photoshopped onto the dinosaur. It’s a party costume, which I promptly included as a sidebar in my post!

    If you follow the link you’ll see that it’s been knocked down to $59.99 from its old price of $75.99. Hurry now before costume-party season arrives!

    By the way, I claim that uncovering this fact is proof positive that I am as brilliant an investigative reporter as those Powerline morons in Minnesota. (Low bar, I know.)

  7. Mosasaurus rex says

    The Cretinaceous strata are awash in skull-shaped coprolites. No wait, those are SKULLS! My mistake.

  8. Scott Hatfield says

    Beautiful! I inserted this cartoon into a Power Point which exposes students to Ham’s ‘museum’, and this ties in with the episode of PBS’s ‘Evolution’ series that features Ham at his odious worst, indoctrinating the faithful….SH

  9. jpf says

    (Piggybacking on the pointless comedy post for lack of a better venue…)

    I found something I’m sure PZ will love:

    Captain Jesus and the Pirates of the Resurrection:

    As it turns out, getting swallowed by a nasty beastie called the Kraken is a bad thing, so one of the key story lines in this film is a desperate need for Captain Jack to come back from the dead so the forces of evil can be defeated.

    And also as it turns out, we all have a Kraken of sorts on our tail as well… and unfortunately being on shore doesn’t keep us safe. Our nasty beastie is called death, and one day it will find us. We need someone to rescue us when that happens – to resurrect us so we can live out our eternity that way God intended it – which is in heaven with Him.

    Jesus Christ defeated the Kraken called death. Like Jack Sparrow, he willingly jumped into its jaws to save others. But here’s the most amazing part… Jesus didn’t stay there. He came back so that we too could come back from the dead as well! Here’s how God’s word describes it:

    [Page of Bible stories…]

    Sound like fantasy? Nope… and neither is the fact that those who trust in Christ as their only hope of salvation will one day be rescued from the Kraken called death.
    So… are you ready for world’s end?

    They’re not pirates… they’re Missionary Buccaneers! How long until they open a “Pirate Museum” with an animatronic, swashbuckling Noah battling a Kraken aligned with Satan?

  10. JJR says

    JPF wrote:
    >>They’re not pirates… they’re Missionary Buccaneers! How long until they open a “Pirate Museum” with an animatronic, swashbuckling Noah battling a Kraken aligned with Satan?<< They'll have the Pastafarians to answer to on that FSM theology is a little rusty, but I do remember pirates feature quite prominently in their worldview. Jack Sparrow = Christ-figure? Hmmm...kind of a stretch, but maybe. Hero-God coming back from the Dead to redeem everybody is an old mythic archetype predating Xtianty, though. "But our myth is REAL!" - yeah sure, buddy, whatever.

  11. says

    Of course if one follows the excuse used by Young Earth Creationists that the Universe et al looks like its billions of years old because God created it with the appearance of age then it can reasonably be argued that everything is only a few decades old. After all I personally don’t remember even vaguely anything before about 1971, so were I not a rational person I could find the argument that Earth was created circa 1967 very convincing.

  12. Bifrost says

    I had heard the YEC excuse that god created the earth with an appearance of age, and came to the conclusion that his doing so only confirmed that he was a liar. Just another one of the silly arguments that helped me leave the church for sanity sake.