1. garth says

    why do we listen to anything these people say, again? i understand the active resistance, and the yeoman’s work the experts put in fighting the disinformation…but….wait, i answered my own question. good job, scienceblogs!

  2. Great White Wonder says

    Francis Collins: I’m an evangelical Christian; I believe I have to spout my bullshit or the devil will get me.

  3. ben says

    Garth: what else is there to do? Every time a liar and a fraud is there, be right on top of him and don’t relent.

  4. windy says

    We’ll be in trouble once Sal gets into Darwin’s letters and notebooks. Look at his murderous plans upon the return of the Beagle:

    …I shall annihilate some of my friends…

    Or his obsession with lesbians, apparently with racist overtones:

    very many dykes: some of them white…
    …yet I am quite in doubt concerning the nature of these dykes.

  5. says

    Is it just me, or are the people at Discovery Institute in a sad state of pathetic desperation if the only things that they can do to counter evolution nowadays are to falsely portray Charles Darwin as a flatulent puppy-kicker, and use a factually incompetent neurosurgeon like Dr Egnore as their new figurehead?

  6. Dave Wisker says

    What is it with these people and their flatulence jones? Did they ever get out of junior high?

  7. dale says

    Sal is so worried about Darwin, I think he should be incensed at James Dobson of Focus on the Family as he describes at length his abuse of his little dog in his book, “The Strong Willed Child.” He beats the little dachshund with a belt.
    This Dobson is a total whackjob.

    The excerpt and a commentary are here: