Or I could put the money in their college fund…


Umm, well, I very much like this stuffed giant squid (15′ long!), but I really can’t justify an $1800 toy. Maybe someday when I grow up and am rich and have some grandkids I need to spoil…

He sure looks neat-o, though.


  1. Frank Anderson says

    I was thinking about buying one, but I hadn’t realized they were $1800! That is insane. If you can sew (or know someone who can) you could probably have one made for — at most — about one-tenth of that, even with labor.

  2. Thinker says

    Slightly OT, but the NY Times “Dining and Wine” section had a nice little article on squid today, with a recipe and video included. Entitled “Squid in a Snap”, it had at least me licking my chops…

  3. Millimeter Wave says

    Honestly PZ, I’m surprised at you for not recognising what a fantastic business opportunity this is. You should own that market.

    I mean, if people will pay $1800 for squid of vaguely determinable species…

  4. says

    Dont give up your dreams yet PZ! I think that you should start a “Stuffed Squid for PZ” paypal donation campaign. I’d donate a few bucks! :)

  5. says

    I am seriously pondering blowing my tax return on Archie’s slightly cheaper cousin Benedict (a mere $999). But I’m notoriously stupid with money.

    (Not sure why the black squid is almost half the price of the red one when they’re both the same size. Could this be… SQUID RACISM?!?!)

    I think you should seriously consider Aaron’s suggestion for a squid-getting fundraiser, partly because I think it would work (if you wanted to make this a little less selfish, maybe you could agree to match the funds raised and donate them to some worthy charity? Heck, maybe the Archibald guys would agree to donate a squid for a charity raffle or something.) But mainly, because I have the perfect title for the fundraising drive: “Let’s Get Kraken!”

  6. says

    I know someone who does lots of custom sewing projects…maybe you could come up with the “Official PZ Squid Pattern” that would be more anatomically correct…

  7. Buffybot says

    I’m so going to knit one of those!

    Thought re the big red expensive one: Could you just add tentacles to a basic beanbag and pretend it’s bona fide furniture?