1. says

    I have been a devout Pastafarian for over a year now. I am deeply offended by those of you making fun of our venerated savior, FSM.

    This is the USA and freedom of religion means you can’t say mean things about my silly, superstitious, and mind-numbingly stupid beliefs! I demand an apology from each of you that poked fun at His sacred image or I’m going to sue!

    That or a case of beer. Either way I’m good.

    OEJ, Ship’s Navigator

  2. CJColucci says

    Well, that puts a new spin on “take and eat of this, for this is my body.”

  3. demallien says

    I’m with OEJ. This post is offensive. Images of the FSM must never be shown without a side of grated parmesan! FSM FTW!

  4. terrible tim says

    Well shiver me timbers . This is more evidence that the Ancients knew of His Holy Noodlyness also . RAmen