Open Enrollment Day—too much success!

Whoa, people…I expected I’d be adding 10 or 20 new blogs to the blogroll with my open enrollment day, not 125. I’ve added them all (and I’ve also made it easier to find the complete listing with a link on the sidebar), but right now I feel a bit bloated, like a tick who was aiming for a tasty capillary and managed to tap into the carotid instead.

Don’t be disappointed if I have to shed a few next month—there’s tons of good stuff there, but the volume is a little bit on the side of indigestible. I’ll have to reduce it a bit if I hope to have another of these open enrollment days in the future.


  1. Steve says

    I have enjoyed this page and visited many of the blogs. The problem is I liked so many I haven’t figured how to down select to the ones I will visit on a regular basis. And there are many I have not yet viewed. The blog owner comments help. Can you keep this page available for a while? Maybe a week? It is a treasure trove.

  2. says

    Mine is just a bizzare mish mash of stuff that falls into the general catagory of “silly”. The Seinfeld of blogs, if you will … but occasionally … like today I will get into some real science … ps: micro/genetics … I do note that whenever I publish a comment here my hits go up by a ton.

  3. natural cynic says

    …I feel a bit bloated, like a tick who was aiming for a tasty capillary and managed to tap into the carotid instead.

    Or maybe you were thinking of the Far Side cartoon with one mosquito saying to the other [bloated] one “Pull out Betty, you’ve hit an artery”

  4. says

    That atheist blogroll is very nice, but I don’t use it — my blogroll is derived from my list of newsfeeds, so it’s a little bit incompatible. Seriously, when you’ve got a long, long blogroll, you can’t expect to manually click on each link, you need to use rss to track what’s new and automate browsing.

  5. says

    I have been waiting for this day for so long. I feel like a virgin getting her very first french kiss. It’s nice, but somewhat depressing–because for some reason I’m still not catapulted to fame!

    Perhaps I need to say things that are more idiotic and/or racist to get the media’s attention. Or maybe I need to have sex with a male prostitute who is also my meth dealer.

  6. says

    thanks for adding me, PZ.

    and feel free to delete me at any time. i really don’t ever hold that against anyone. it’s your blogroll and you can do what you want with it.

  7. says

    good job, pz, but i still think you should insist the blogs on your roll link to pharyngula as a requirement, for two reasons,

    one, it fosters the idea that the left is “all in this together,” and we should help support each other; and two, if you don’t, you make the rest of us look like pikers!

  8. says

    Skippy, the problem with that requirement is that so many blogs link to PZ that making blogrolling reciprocal would basically require him to link to 2,185 different blogs.

    And for the record, I’ve had Pharyngula on my blogroll since I first put one up on Abstract Nonsense, which then had 6-7 different blogs.

  9. says

    You’re a very brave man to add that many new feeds to your blogroll at once. I have 173 subscriptions in Bloglines at the moment and even in my current less-than-employed state I sometimes have difficulty keeping up.

  10. llewelly says

    Alon Levy said:

    If only New York had squid.

    New York actually has a persistent problem with kids who demand a squid as a pet, and parents who flush the squid down the toilet as soon as its too big. Surprisingly, some of these animals not only survive, but prosper. Once in the sewers of New York, they are exposed to a environment rich in both nutrients, and mutagenic chemicals (mostly by products of household cleaners). This has combined with the rapid squid lifestyle to result in a stunning rate of evolution. This has resulted in a large population of mutant squid that sneak out of the sewers and steal crabs and lobster from fine restaurants. That’s why the cost of crab has been rising lately.

  11. says

    My eternal gratitude, PZ…at least until you drop me from that crowded field. BTW, I started yet another blog as an experiment in blogosphere “positioning”. And Pharyngula will remain prominent on the blogroll there.

    How would YOU like to have to get up every morning with the nagging question “What can I find to write about today that is novel, skeptical and intelligent but not intelligently designed to keep PZ interested in my posting?” You will never have this problem or you always have had this problem.

    [by the term blogosphere positioning, I mean both the verb and the noun describing what you do to be considered liberal, middle of the road, echo-chamber-extremism etc and which of those labels are apt and deserved in identifying relatively disjoint clusters of opinion communities. The purpose is not academic but quite grandiose and evil: I will poke about until I find the labels and linking mechanisms and bait that draw in those who actually benefit from exchange of ideas or at least inform others rather than vere off into content-free name calling. It maybe an impossible mission]

  12. says

    “Thanks for the add”!

    I certainly won’t be disappointed if my link is gone soon. I, too, know the pain of having too much good stuff to read and not enough time to read it.

  13. melior says

    I’d like to register a vote for little or no pruning… I rather like the idea of having more good new sites to visit than I can manage all at once.

  14. says

    I was a little busy and had to miss the open enrollment, but I’d like to put in a good word for The Oil Drum anyway. It’s politically eclectic but devoted to truth, which ought to endear it to all readers of Pharyngula.