1. gg says

    Ah, that picture reminds me of my fine days in The Netherlands. The giant squid made sitting by the canals sipping a glass of wine a really iffy proposition…

    I guess they’re asking for it, though, with all those salted herrings stands all over the place!

  2. CalGeorge says

    Hmmm… I wonder if Proust would still proclaim it “the world’s most beautiful painting.”

  3. Ribozyme says

    Perhaps, to grant Vermeer some sort of revenge, somebody could photoshop “the Milkmaid” into being “Woman Cooking Calamari”

  4. BlueIndependent says

    See, this is what happens when evil secular humanist groups promote open an unabashed cephalo-madness agenda. Cities get attacked, and the cephalo-madists are allowed to walk free and say whatever they want without fear of retribution.

    I for one, will not be party to this disease on our culture.

    The fishing one on the boat is the best.

  5. says

    But the Dutch are shoooooooo cool. Maybe the shquid have invaded and interbred. It’s a wet country: they could get all kinds of places before anyone noticed.

  6. kammy says

    The giant squid squirted its ink over the sky, but the color is strange. Did it gulp too much green tea, or sending a eco message?

  7. G. Tingey says

    “The view of Delft” – the picture altered in your illo is one of those few that show that the painter (whoever it was – in this case Vermeer) was a total master.

    If you stand in front of it at the Mauritshaus in Den Haag, for a minute or two, even though it is paint on canvas, suddenly you get the illusion that the water is rippling, and the clouds moving ……

    The actual view hasn’t changed too much either, it is still recognisable – lat time I was there, there were no squid visible, but there was a family of Great Crested Gebes swimming about, and mumping for tidbits from the passers-by …..

  8. says

    This one was the best–it’s my new laptop wallpaper!

    I did a little riff on tree octopi with my Ontario tree octopus.

    The star is an octopoidal salt-shaker from a thrift store, of which there were three on sale. I left the other two for cephalopod lovers.