The further adventures of Violet

You all remember Violet, the jar-opening octopus, I’m sure—well, Violet is also quite the fierce predator. I would suggest that keeping a pet octopus is not a wise decision if you happen to be an arthropod.


  1. Neil says

    Thanks for the link PZ, I have always been fascinated by octopuses.

    The octopus doesn’t appear to grab the crab, rather the octopus waits for the crab to grab it. It looks like the octopus swept a tentacle across the crab, like a fishing line, waiting for the crab to grab it. When the crab grabbed the tentacle the octopus flung it into its beak.

    Is this how some octopuses hunt or am I being fanciful?

  2. Neil says

    Thanks Mark H.

    I have now watched it a few more times on the YouTube site where the image is bigger and you are spot on. I was being fanciful. You can see the octopus get a good grip on the crab’s shell before hauling it in.