He’s late to the party, but that’s OK

Jason pitches into that twit, Peter Hitchens—you may recall that I dealt with the same column a while back, but that level of stupid does support double-teaming to counter it, I think.


  1. Valhar2000 says

    How do these people manage to get jobs that pay better than mine? I’m going to have to convert.

    Maybe that is religion’s secret: reward incompetence. That’ll get you a lot more support than demanding merit.

  2. says

    Stupid, or crazy like a fox? These fools are performing a service: they are preaching to the choir and serving up false hope to those delusional enough to accept it. And, people give them money to do it.

  3. Richard Harris says

    I saw Peter Hitchens recently on a British tv program hosted by David Starkey (who’s one of us). The format is that Starkey & three guests dicuss a couple of topical issues – 10 minutes or so each topic.

    They talked about societal drugs problems. Hitchens was a fool. He seems to be a slave to ideology.