Every time someone tells a lie, Richard von Sternberg feels a thrill

This Sternberg character, the creationist at the Smithsonian who has made a career out of his pseudo-martyrdom, has been “vindicated” in a Republican report. Well, he would have been vindicated, if the report hadn’t been a thin tissue of lies.


  1. says

    Wasn’t there something in almost all versions and translations of the Holy Bible about a little something that God told Moses to tell the people of Israel about shalt notting bear false witness, or thou shouldn’t lie?
    Must not be in the version von Sternberg reads.

  2. Molly, NYC says

    It’s bad enough that we’re all forced to pay this whiney idiot’s salary. But exactly how much did we also have to pay for Rep. Souter’s entirely pointless investigation?

  3. says

    Why the hell are they letting him keep his job when he’s abusing it that much?

    I have a friend who used to work at the NCBI (the group that maintains GenBank, among other things; that’s who pays Sternberg’s salary – not the Smithsonian) and she says that although he’s an embarrassment to them publicly there is nothing they can really do as he competently helps maintain the taxonomy database.