Call for CotG submissions

Is this an evil coincidence, or what? The next Carnival of the Godless falls on Christmas Eve, giving us another opportunity to steal back the holiday. Send your links to those blog articles that show Santa Jesus doesn’t exist to the crew at God is for Suckers soon!


  1. Scott Hatfield says

    Actually, an ‘evil coincidence’ for a church musician is when Christmas Day arrives on a Sunday. I know many who have nine services in two days. Me, a part-time volunteer, just two.

    Of course, if all this churchy stuff is just an obligation or a job, you might wonder how those of us who attend could even mutter ‘Merry Christmas’. Who wants to work on a holiday? Fortunately for me, though, the music and the ritual is part of what I expect out of the Christmas season, along with (hurrah) a few NFL games. For those of us who choose to see things this way, the coincidence can be joyous, rather than miserable.

    Anyway, PZ, however the coincidences sort out for you personally, I wish you the merriest of Christmases, filled with friends and family. Peace and Joy….Scott

  2. says

    No, I understand the worst is when Boxing Day is a Sunday, since church-goers have to be there for Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day service, and then the normal Sunday service. While the rest of us sit in front of Christmas repeats of James Bond and Harry Potter on the telly.

  3. says

    As Dawkins and you have said, Chrismas hasn’t been a religious holiday for a long time — unless you worship consumerism.

  4. says

    Oh, right, I feel the same way when Halloween falls on the night of a full moon: soooo many virgins to sacrifice and goats to deflower, all at once. (Hmmm…I hope I’ve been doing it right all these years…)