Reason #1 to vote for Pharyngula


Really, I wasn’t going to make a big deal of this award, but then Phil had to go and mock the noble name of Pharyngula, and make it all a challenge. Now as a matter of honor I have to try and defeat the Bad Astronomy blog.

I have to do this. If you read that post, it is revealed that Phil has posed nude for the SkepDude calendar. This is a troubling precedent, I’m sure you’ll all agree that we shouldn’t encourage bloggers to let it all hang out in public like that.

Vote for Pharyngula. Unless you want me to pose nekkid.


  1. Caledonian says

    Wait – I’m confused. Is this supposed to dissuade us or encourage us to vote for Pharyngula?

  2. Ryan says

    Actually, sorry. I didn’t realize you can revisit the results page and it updates the votes. I guess everyone knows the vote count. Sorry! LMAO.

  3. Caledonian says

    Fifteen, now – I voted for Pharyngula.

    It occurred to me that, if PZ posed in the nude, he’d probably drape his nether bits with a cephalopod of some kind, and that’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

  4. says

    I was almost double your vote count, then went back and saw you catching up. Assuming you were up to no good, I came back here to see you have indeed posted about this.

    As far as my calendar shot goes, I was young and needed the money. And have you ever tried saying no to Rebecca, Queen of Skepchicks?

    And anyway, I think you’re jealous of the size of my… telescope.

  5. Caledonian says

    And anyway, I think you’re jealous of the size of my… telescope.

    “What, did you think the tentacles were just for decoration?” – Londo Mollari, Babylon 5

  6. chezjake says

    While you’re over there voting, make sure to vote in the Best of the Top 250 category, where Stop the ACLU is currently in the lead. ‘Nuf said.

  7. Shwn Shltn says

    ‘m vtng fr Phl Plt bcs h dsnt dsmvwl m.


    (Love the blog, PZ, ever since I read about it on BA’s blog. We disagree on many politican issues, you and I, but I’m with on the important science stuff, and anti-Bush stuff…heehee)

    -Godless Moderate Libertarian who failed to get out of xmas this year… I tried, but my family is too nice to let me out of it.


    Merry festmas/xmas/chaunukah/kwanza/ramadan/solstice/just-the-usual-work-week-for-me-thank-you-very-much.

    (I AM sending Haunukah/Kwanza/Ramadan type cards to all my relatives this year, though…heehee. And maybe one Get Well Soon to someone who isn’t sick in my family.)

  8. Nerull says

    So hard to choose! I like both.

    In the end, I had to vote for Pharyngula. The posing nekkid threat was too much for me. ;)

  9. Marc Buhler says

    It’s working… your threat has you ahead 246 – 219 as of my vote a moment ago.
    (signed) marc

  10. Toivo says

    I voted for PZ too (I wasn’t going to, but when I saw the post about Phil, I changed my mind). It’s weird how that post affected me: I usually don’t vote for anything…

  11. A lemur says

    mmmmm – PZ nekked, spread out on a cephapod skin rug. Lusty fire roaring in the background, an enticing ‘come-hither’ look in his eyes…

    now THAT would be a calander worth plunking down change for. Might doom science blogging as we know it, but…

  12. says

    Man, you better. If exposing his nude body works so well for Phil, I might just have to do the same. Do you really want me to post a picture of my hairy butt front and center?

    Do you think it would get me more votes?

    I think there’s a reason no one has ever asked me to pose for the SkepDudes calendar.

  13. Zed says

    I never vote for people I haven’t seen naked.
    Have you not noticed that all the politicians who wear clothes are hiding something?

  14. umilik says

    I think there’s a reason no one has ever asked me to pose for the SkepDudes calendar…

    Sounds like sour testicles, I mean grapes, to me.

  15. aiabx says

    I don’t think a naked appearance would get more votes, but it might convince creationists that there is no God.

  16. seedmagfan says

    Well, Phil – you started it with your comment. Can’t blame PZ for reacting. If you can’t handle it, don’t start competing. Although I’d pass on the offer of PZ nude – we have enough distractions from making a difference in science as it is!

    One vote and more on the way for PZ!! :D