Minnesota on our minds

Hmmm…there are a couple of regional links that have popped up recently.


  1. says

    Dylan on guitar: “one of the best of his time, though not technically”. Whatever that means. Dylan did his best work in the distant pre-Cowen era, but during that period Robert Johnson and Django Reinhardt were also pretty good.

    He forgot Judy Garland (Grand Rapids, MN).

    He forgot Keith Ellison too. My effete urban blogofascist traitor friends are burning with envy.

  2. marcel says

    Okay, instead of Prince, Fargo and Dylan, how about the following?:

    Jesse (& his inspiring opponent, HHHIII)
    Red Green (I know it’s actually Canadia, but when I first saw it shortly after moving to MPLS, and it was awhile before I realized that it wasn’t Minnesota)
    Harmon Killebrew

  3. E-gal says

    What PZ posted there only proves my theory that since people in Minnesooooota speak like canukes and think like canukes they should suceed and become a province.
    It makes a lot of sense if you think aboot it.
    They would be welcomed, by the way. Eh?

  4. E-gal says

    Oh, I didn’t know that homo sapiens resided in North or Sout Dakota. I thought some badlands types.., similar to Neanterthals….don’t give me a lecture on how smart neanderthals were, by the way. If you can’t stand sarcasim get out of the (*%))(&(((*). And &@)&%%%.

  5. says

    I’m with the others in recognizing your frustration and also wondering what else he’s supposed to mention?

    I vote for really cold weather and some snow, and a state not nearly as politically scary as the Dakotas OR Iowa! Go Minnesota!

    That and the mosquitos, perhaps? Did I mention the cold?

  6. John Emerson says

    Stogoe: It’s definitely not normal! It’s a secret language used by serial killers! Turn him in!

  7. Fox1 says

    I’m with the others in recognizing your frustration and also wondering what else he’s supposed to mention?

    Uh… *straining mentally*
    Eugene McCarthy
    Dr. Demento
    Judy Garland
    Jessica Lange
    Mitch Hedberg
    Winona Ryder
    Ric Flair
    Craig Kilborn
    Soul Asylum
    Steve Zahn
    Various Mondales

    That’s pretty much all I got, for better or worse, assuming the Coens are covered by blanket mention of Fargo. If we give greater weight to birth, we can claim Jessica Biel, if we go with long residence, then we can go with Kirby Puckett (I like Kirby, but Jessica is alive and hot).

  8. Mike Haubrich says

    How about Tim Westerberg, Bob Mould, Morris Day and the MotherF*ing Time, the fact that we aren’t Mississippi, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Larry, Darryl and Darryl, Peter Scolari, Warren Burger, William O. Douglas, Roger Maris (the Other Famous One from Hibbing, Charles Schulz, the Little Red-Haired Girl and the Andrews Sisters, Summit and Surly Brewing Companies, just to name a few?

    And Paul Bunyan. Yoopers try to claim him, but I have seen him in real life, in Brainerd.

  9. Fox1 says

    Oh, sh*t, I forgot! If we go by residence, we get Neil f*cking Gaiman! (got to go to a very small invitation-only reading of his at Phoenix Books in Mpls)

    Take that, everywhere else!

  10. Ian H Spedding says

    I never understood why the movie was called Fargo. it could just as easily been called Brainerd or Minneapolis or even Most Creative Use of a Woodchipper in a Movie.

    And famous Minnesotans include Kevin Sorbo and Richard Dean Anderson. In fact, in one Stargate SG-1 episode Jack O’Neill quips that the real reason the Goa’uld want to invade Earth is to get Minnesota because the fishing is so good.

  11. marcel says

    I guess I should have added:

    Tom Friedman (NYT columnist)
    Al Franken
    Michael Levitt, aka Dr. Fart (also father of Steve Levitt (of Freakonomics fame)

    Each of these 3 is pretty funny in his own way.

  12. says

    Don’t forget the Minneapolis Institute of Arts! (However, it is mentioned in the Art/Heartland article.) Admission is free every day, except for special exhibitions. The MIA is connected to the Children’s Theatre and to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) which features great student works.

    I just shot John Emerson with a binder. Heh.

  13. msw says

    Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, those Powerline guys, Lileks, Andrew Cunanan.

    Passive aggressive drivers, black ice, dressing up my *dog* three times a day to take her out to pee. No liquor sales on Sundays, no liquor sales in grocery stores. Climate that alternates between sweltering heat and miserable cold.