1. MJ Memphis says

    Well, in their defense, it might actually be a little creative for a non-English speaker. Now, if the dog was named Perro (or whatever means “dog” in Portuguese), that would be really un-creative.

  2. llewelly says

    The Reuters article seems to claim that blood samples were taken, but I can’t find any explicit mention of the results of testing.

  3. Greco says

    The Reuters article omits an important point: the cat’s litter died shortly after birth. Who wants to bet she took the puppies from a neighbourhood dog to compensate for the loss?

    (or whatever means “dog” in Portuguese)

    Either “cão” or “cachorro”. The latter, by the way, means “puppy” in Spanish.

  4. bernarda says

    Perhaps not exactly on the subject, but this look at god and stuff might amuse you. A nice video.

    Of course you could argue that it is exploitive.

    Also a funny story about human behavior. Have you got your play station 3 yet? Another example of police “brutality” sort of.

    I think it is time to re-read Herbert Marcuse’s “One-Dimensional Man”.

  5. stogoe says

    The article states that the blood samples were taken on 17 November (today), so they very likely haven’t been analyzed in whatever way they would be analyzed to produce meaningful results.

    Also, greco is probably right that the ‘puttens’, as they were, are more likely from a nearby dog’s litter.

  6. says

    That bird you’re hoping to hatch better be an African Grey.

    My money’s on the bird PZ hatching being a Norwegian Blue. An egg, four million volts, and … voom!

    Plus, the Norwegian Blue has beautiful plumage.

  7. Kyle Rogoff says

    The Creation-Evolution wars won’t really be over until the robots rise up, steal pills from the elderly, and find Sarah Connor.

    So I see your birds-from-fish-eggs and raise you a cyborg penguin from a Dell.

  8. Greco says

    Supposedly the results of caryotype analysis will be announced next Tuesday. Whether the press will care to report a negative result is another matter. And there’s nothing on the university’s website (no English version).

  9. Rhampton says

    A dog-cat hybrid? Well, that’s not really so shocking, is it? I mean, we’ve all encountered dog-human hybrids in our lives before — those troublesome son’s of bitches who drive well below the speed limit in the left-most lane, for example.

  10. Jeff says

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it yet. Was the offspring officially a “dat?”

    (Yes, I’m joking)

  11. quork says

    The Reuters article seems to claim that blood samples were taken, but I can’t find any explicit mention of the results of testing.

    From the similar article at MSNBC:

    Brazilian says neighborhood mutt impregnated feline; tests due next week

    (article dated Nov 17, 2006)

  12. Greco says

    Spay and neuter your pets, you idiots.

    Sure. Will you pay for it? Because, if you did not notice, they can’t even afford a proper house. Or maybe you should contain your self-righteousness in a situation of which you know nothing about?

  13. says

    I actually had a (community) college biology professor who, in all seriousness, told the class that there had been cat/rabbit hybrids.

    I went up to him after class and politely expressed my high degree of skepticism about this and asked if he could provide some references that would document this “fact” of his. I got an ‘A’ for the class but I never did get those references.

  14. lo says

    how much was the cat payed to be a surrogate or hybridize or whatever. Coz if the price is right i would certainly chime in as well, given that the market of religion is way to competitive.

  15. SpringheelJ says

    You know, a few months ago a similar story popped up about a cat giving birth to a litter of kittens that included a rat-like member…
    Anyone recall that in detail?

  16. Chinchillazilla says

    Are the puppies/kittens called puppens?

    I just copyrighted that word, by the way. omg dun steel.

  17. Bob O'H says

    I dunno, those Norwegian Blues sure do like to sleep a lot. At the bottom of their cages.

    Well, if they came from fish eggs, I suppose they would be pining for the fjords.


  18. says

    About 30 years ago, I noticed a newspaper at the QuickieMart checkout line with the headline, “Woman raped by gorilla–baby lives!” It even had a photo of the baby. Such things have got to be true, otherwise we would not have such indisputable evidence.

  19. llewelly says

    I keep trying to evolve snails to fly by throwing them into the street, but it never seems to work….

    Perhaps your selection method favors snails that are harder to find. :-)