Will South Park teach the controversy?

South Park’s amusement factor has been up and down for me, but I may have to make an effort to catch this evening’s episode.

Cartman’s plan to propel himself into the future goes horribly wrong. South Park Elementary faces strong opposition to the topic of evolution being taught to the 4th graders, especially from Ms. Garrison who has to teach it. Eric Cartman can’t be bothered with what’s going on in class. He’s busy manipulating his own personal time-line to align with the precise release date of the newest, hottest game.


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    Well, that at least makes it look like the SP guys are on our side. They only use Ms. Garrison when they want to say something REALLY dumb.

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    Well, that just reversed the trajectory of my day. Things were starting a bit slow this morning, but with quality humor like that, things are starting to look up…

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    “I’m not a monkey. I’m a woman!” Classic! Now, if they could only explain why there are midgets and dwarfs.

  4. Y.B says

    RPM, that’s PYGMIES + DWARFS.

    I live in Finland, so I won’t be seeing that SP episode on tv for some time.

    But I *will* be seeing it on YouTube tomorrow or the day after.

    Blessed art thou, YouTube…

  5. rrt says

    I dunno. I’ve barely ever watched SP, but the atheist episode, which I did only catch part of, left me confused as to what they were saying.

  6. Jen says

    The only clue I can gather as to where Parker and Trey’s beliefs may lie came from their 9/11 conspiracy episode a couple weeks ago:

    “The theory of evolution has holes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true!”

    My boyfriend thought I’d get a kick out of that, since he knows I’m a big science proponent, but it was more like a kick in the stomach. When, when, when will this fallacy that evolutionary theory is full of holes be vanquished??

    However, it looks like they might at least speak from a (mostly) pro-evolution stance. I agree with the poster who said that any opinion Ms. Garrison holds is always played for laughs….

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    Well, they’re seething with anticipating over at UD, so I guess Bill & Friends really like to armpit-loop and crash their paper airplanes…

  8. j.t.delaney says

    I think the creators of South Park are more in it for cheap laughs and shock than to make any deep exploration of any issue, e.g. their stem cell episode with Christopher Reeve, or their “Woodland Critter Christmas” episode, where they perform an abortion in Kenny’s ass to remove the antichrist.

    Their stance on most issues seems to be a sort of centrist/libertarian Middle American mish-mash. Sometimes they’re freethinkers and lampoon religion, other times they’re pro-faith and pro-life. Most of the time they seem extremely hawkish, but other times not so much. I get the distinct impression they do a lot of drugs, and that it’s not supposed to be taken seriously.

  9. Wes says

    South Park is hilarious, but Stone and Parker don’t know shit about science. Just listen to any of their comments about Global Warming if you don’t believe me. I doubt their understanding of biology is any better than their understanding of climatology.

    My guess is that this episode will start with a hilarious satire of creationism, then spiral downwards into anti-scientism at certain points, and then end with a sappy, accomodating “message” by one of the kids. That’s the general pattern of their episodes, anywyas.

    I still love the show, though. Some of the funniest shit ever shown on American TV.

  10. Steve M says

    Just FYI, South Park won’t be on You Tube any longer. Viacom is a bit peeved that google bought it, and is forbidding any Comedy Central properties being posted. :(

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    South Park does great cultural satire, but their political content is weak. They’re deep into global-warming denial, for example. You can get SP episodes via torrent at mrtwig.net. For some hilarious animated Super Science, check out the Venture Bros.

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    I would have preferred something a little more original, since The Simpsons recently had an episode about evolution in schools, but it should be a good one, nonetheless.

  13. Ichthyic says

    For some hilarious animated Super Science, check out the Venture Bros.

    Oh gawds yes!

    The Venture Bros. blows away SP on both humor and storyline.

    It may be the funiest animated series I’ve ever seen in 40 years of watching *ahem* cartoons. There is an entire cult beginning to form around the “Brock Sampson” character.

    I really can’t recommend this show enough.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, do so! I think Cartoon Network currently owns the rights to it. It’s basically a parody on the old Johnny Quest series, but goes far, far beyond it.

    btw, for those that remember, a lot of the same folks who worked on the animated The Tick series work on the Venture Bros series now.


  14. Basharov says

    Richard Dawkins should sue the dimwitted duo. That whole episode was unrelieved dung (which is what ended up on Dawkins’ face, when he wasn’t screwing the transgendered freak in the ass). Didn’t this show used to be sort of funny?

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    I have to agree with Basharov, alas. In any case, here’s Mr (uh, Mrs) Garrison’s lesson on evolution, transcribed for those who’re interested:

    It was thought of by Charles Darwin and it goes something like this: In the beginning we were all fish, OK, swimming around in the water. And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby and the retard baby was different so it got to live. So retard fish goes on to make more retard babies and then one day a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its mutant fish hands and it had butt-sex with a squirrel or something and made this retard frog-squirrel and then that had a retard baby, which was a monkey-fish-frog, and then this monkey-fish-frog bad butt-sex with that monkey and that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey and that made you.

    So there you go: You’re the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt-sex with a fish-squirrel, congratulations.

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    Ichthyic, I’m so with you, Brock Sampson rules. You (and all the metal heads who lurk here) should also check out Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. Dethklok is brutal.

  17. Ichthyic says

    yeah, I didn’t care for it at first, but that show is beginning to grow on me a bit, and I’m not even a metalhead.

    some of the episodes have been pretty damn funny.

    still, it’s far behind VB imo.

  18. says

    I guess if I weren’t into metal, I would also find Metalocalypse far behind VB; in reality it’s a very close call for me. Did you see the episode “Dethfam”? That one induced uncontrollable laughter, the end is totally brutal (“kill me, kill me, kill me”)!!

    Still, I suppose I’d give the edge to VB since it’s a more developed series (can’t wait for season 3!!!). VB even has a metal-ish musical connection–the music is by J.G. Thirlwell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clint_Ruin), he’s the guy behind the very brutal, but not exactly metal, industrial band Foetus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foetus_%28band%29), and many other projects.

    Don’t you think VB would make a great movie??

    It’s great that we’ve hijacked this thread to discuss animation! I think animated shows are the funniest comedy going on these days. I like just about all of them–the Simpsons (the movie’s coming, finally), Futurama, Family Guy, and South Park (but American Dad, not so much). Adult Swim has the best original stuff–Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Tom Goes to the Mayor, and the aforementioned brothers and band members (but 12 Oz Mouse, not so much).