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    Alon Levy: As a Canadian who has often read about US contests only to be disappointed, I have investigated the matter somewhat. The gist is that laws for contests vary. That said, it looks like the rules have changed …

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    Well, this is not a contest, and there’s no money in it, but on the positive side, it’s not open only to US residents. And recent threads have shown PZ has lots of readers in the UK, so maybe this email announcement I received today will be of interest to someone here.

    (if he were looking in my part of the world, I’d propose a sound recording of “Siamangs in Seattle”…)

    Budding video diarists, ideas and wildlife sound recordists wanted

    From Matt Swarbrick:

    I am currently looking for contributors and suggestions for the Countryfile (BBC1, Sunday morning) video diaries. Our video diaries are shot by us but are not presenter led. They are 3-4 mins long and take a personal approach to anybody with an interesting rural, conservation, or wildlife story / pastime. These are often novel farming approaches, wildlife stories, crafts.

    We can tackle heavier-weight subjects but particularly want light hearted quirky tales and projects.

    One diary I am really keen to do is with an enthusiastic (amateur or pro) wildlife sound recordist. We will be filming the north of England Thursday/Friday next week and it would be fantastic to find somebody located between southern Scotland and Birmingham (ideally enroute from Glasgow or Northumberland to Birmingham) who would be available for part of one of those days and who could take us to one of their favoured sound recording spots.

    All suggestions welcome!


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    We have made this scholarship available to any student who goes to college in the U.S. We see no reason not to do so.

    Also, we have upped the prize money and made it an annual award of $5000.

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    Oh, that’s not my complaint. My complaint is that it excludes students who aren’t US citizens. There are plenty of foreign students in the US, as well as people who grew up in the US and are for all intents and purposes Americans except that they have no citizenship.

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    Alon, foreign students don’t seem to be excluded any more – now you just have to study at an US college.