1. Xanthir, FCD says

    Ah, so the Mummert is a *good* award? I was thinking the opposite until I read it.

  2. says

    There’s a sentence in the linked post that makes no sense:

    Koopman in 2005 announced plans to introduce a bill allowing the teaching of “intelligent design” theory and other “alternatives” to evolution in despite public schools Schweitzer said some people believe the planet is only 4,000 to 6,000 years old, geological evidence to the contrary and added that he needs support from a state Legislature that will help move Montana’s agenda forward, “not people who think the Earth is 4,000 years old.”

    But it appears that the Mummert award should go to Koopman, not Schweitzer.

  3. JBL says

    Neither this post (criticizing Schweitzer for evidently mocking people who believe the earth is 6000 years old) nor the post it links to (as Jim Wynne pointed out) make any sense. The Mummert is definitely not a good award to be won, however. I believe Mummert came to P.Z.’s attention for complaining that creationists were being attacked by the “educated, intelligent” portion of society, or some such thing.

  4. steve s says

    The Pastor Ray Mummert Award goes to…

    Category: Creationism
    Posted on: October 9, 2006 6:56 PM, by PZ Myers

    Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

    I assume you meant Koopman.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Schweitzer lately. People like him, who oppose christianism, might help realign things by bringing libertarians into the Democrat fold. Right now libertarians are driven away by the lingering stink of communism.

  5. says

    Yikes…reverse the polarity! My error…never try to post something in under 30 seconds while you’re trying to fix dinner.

  6. Aerik says

    Wow, that Koopman is such an ignoramus, I have no shame announcing:

    Koopman! More like Poopman! Har har har!

  7. Coin says

    Yikes…reverse the polarity!

    Based upon this interesting post I feel compelled to posit the existence of “partisons”, charged particles which transmit politics by a “spin” of either left or right.

  8. Stogoe says

    What lingering stench of communism? Most of the people who wanted to promote communism in America got frustrated with the anti-authoritarianism of the hippie-types and became the neo-cons. Make no mistake, communism was a tool to promote themselves as unquestioned rulers, just as Christianism is now. That’s not to say communism doesn’t have its problems, however.

  9. Molly, NYC says

    Right now libertarians are driven away by the lingering stink of communism.

    I’m dying to hear the explanation for this one.

  10. Torbjörn Larsson says


    Sounds viable. They are of course each others antiparticles. Do you think Penrose’s twistors cover these things?

    My feeling is that they should have even spin, since they seem to be massive and boso(n)s.

    Though they interact weakly with the real world, their charges aren’t especially forceful. I have heard that it takes special ‘electoral voting systems’ to make them accelerate at all.

    Confusing little buggars, really.

  11. JMG says

    “Rep. Roger Koopman, R-Bozeman, called Schweitzer’s statement “incredibly bigoted.””

    Bozeman Population: 32,414
    Gallatin County Population: 78,210
    Montana State University Enrollment: 11,314
    Elevation: 4,810′

    Bozeman is home of Montana State University but the community elects Koopman as state representative? Hmmm.
    Maybe it’s the effect of the altitude and all those mountains.

    “Koopman said his belief in the Earth’s age is not based on his faith, but on his scientific investigations.”

    Scientific investigations????

    “Koopman had initially planned to introduce a bill . . . allowing the teaching of the controversial “intelligent design” theory, . .. . . . . he has no plans to introduce a similar bill in the next session if re-elected.”

    If RE-ELECTED? Maybe there’s still hope.

  12. Robert says

    Hey, I live in Colorado at 5000 ft, right on the foothills of some awesome mountains and have for my entire life, yet I’m not ejaculating this kind of crap.

  13. Coin says


    Though they interact weakly with the real world, their charges aren’t especially forceful.

    Well, one of the pathological properties of partisons is that they consistently deny all charges, regardless of strength, meaning the only element of the state which can ever really be measured is spin. This is known as the Carville Uncertainty Principle (CUP).

  14. Tanaria says

    As someone who lives in Bozeman, Koopman was elected by the fringies that live on the edges of Bozeman, not by the vast amount of college students and liberals that live inside this town. Bozeman is usually an island of blue, dotted with a few red spots, swimming in a sea of red. And koopman is an insane man who has been spouting out crap in the Bozeman Comical for years now, and hopefully will be kicked out soon!

  15. says

    I second Tanaria’s comment. Koopman is a moron. Driving past his yard signs every day is a disheartening experience.

  16. Stogoe says

    I was up in Whitefish last week, and the area I was staying in seemed at least ‘suburban’ if not granola-ish. But that’s probably just the blowback from Glacier National Park.