1. Thinker says

    Sorry, but any museum showing a viking wearing a helmet with horns or wings has lost all credibility in my book. I mean, that’s just so 19th century opera kitsch (think Wagner). Hence, the people at Kensington would face an uphill battle convincing me their rune stone is genuine…

    Still, it’s funny how people still feel so strongly on a personal level about things that happened a millenium ago!

  2. Tomas says

    As a descendant of Vikings I am shocked, SHOCKED, at the suggestion that my ancestors went to Minnesota. Based on my observations of danish travelpatterns today I have concluded that Florida is closer to the mark.

    I propose sending archeology PHD´s in droves to look for runestones on Miami beach. I will lead the expedition. All funding is welcome.

  3. says

    Geez, I’d be happy finding a single arrowhead. I don’t want to be any more ambitious than that. (Though there are legends of lost Spanish gold in southern Missouri that I’d love to be true.)

  4. St. Brendan's Boyz says

    Tis such a sad state of affairs it is, that you seem to have forgotten that when the Vikings came to MN, they were greeted by the Irish with a bit of the poteen and the shileleigh.

  5. says

    Somewhere, packed up in a box, I have a little plaster replica of the Kensington Runestone. The part of the equation that people forget is the subtle sense of humor you can find out there amongst the Scandanavian farmers. Ol’ Whatisname that ‘found’ it probably giggled himself to sleep for for the rest of his life.

  6. chris y says

    “they were greeted by the Irish with a bit of the poteen and the shileleigh”

    You’re suggesting that any of them who survived the poteen were put out of their misery with the shileleigh?

  7. says

    I’m still proud of a cartoon I drew for the magazine of the state branch of the National Speleological Society. It showed a Viking (horns and all, drawn from a figurine I had) with axe in hand in a cave, while from a nearby tunnel, you heard a caver telling another, “I tell you, Fred, that stuff about Viking runestones is just a bunch of bunk!” Meanwhile, the Viking thinks to himself, “uff-da” (in runes), and a small runestone leans against the cave wall.