1. rrt says

    Oooooh! Those are COOL! I’m really surprised, not just that these would show up in Nebraska, but also that they’d put critters in it that most people wouldn’t recognize.

  2. Sue says

    Back in my college days in Lincoln, the capitol was referred to as the penis of the plains. The thing is totally phallic, complete with a gold dome, and a sower of the seed on top spreading seeds across the plains. Surprisingly, the fundies haven’t complained about that.

  3. Scott de B. says

    When I was a kid I was a paleontology nut, and I always got a kick out of visiting the rotunda. Many a summer afternoon spent there.

  4. says

    Sue beat me to the “Penis Of The Plains” reference, but she’s right. I’m also a Nebraska native, and let me tell you that despite the progresive floor design there are still plenty of conservative hard-ons walking its halls.

  5. Nan from Omaha says

    Please, don’t talk about it too much or some of the mouth breathers that inhabit this state will start pushing to lay Congoleum over it.

  6. Diego says

    I’m interested to hear about the phallic design of the Nebraska capital. Florida too has a VERY suggestive capital complex with the tall capital office building flanked by the domes of the House and Senate. There’s even an urban legend in Tallahassee that the original blueprints called for a fountain on the top.

  7. Albatrossity says

    Excuse me, but all of these structures are inadequate, nay, Limbaugh-like, when compared to the Hoover Tower on the Stanford campus (aka Hoover’s last erection).

  8. Rey Fox says

    I rather prefer Jello Biafra’s christening of the Washington Monument as The Great Eternal Klansman for it’s pointed top and two red lights on all four side that glow just below that pointy top.

  9. phat says

    I live just a few blocks away and do some lobbying there.

    It’s a wonderful building and those floors have always made my smile.

    I love that building


  10. says

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