1. says

    Ooh, but you see, the probability of those changes exhibiting specified complexity is a constant divided by the time, so nothing new ever happens.

  2. Scott Hatfield says

    Wow. Funny, and I wish I could use this in my high school classroom, but of course I can’t. For that matter, the cartoonist will be the subject of a fatwa once certain Muslims get wise to this one. Islam has always prohibited any visual representation of the Prophet, and I don’t think calling him ‘Mo’ is going to placate some folks…SH

  3. Apikoros says

    Hey thanks! I wonder why I never see these cartoons in my local family newspaper? Hmmm…

    I also wonder why the cartoonist never shows the barmaid. I bet she’s hot.

  4. kmiers says

    Thank you, thank you PZ for introducing me to Jesus and Mo! When I looked at yesterday’s strip I had tears rolling down my face at Mo’s line “Does a bear transubstantiate?”
    Thanks also for the post on alcohol and evolution. It really helped to crystalize microbial metabolism for me in a way I will never forget. Science should be fun. It sticks better that way. And Apikoros, I AM that barmaid (twenty years!).

  5. David Harmon says

    Correction: The invisible person is an apparently-anonymous barmaid. I was a little slow on the uptake.

  6. kmiers says

    What is a “Baby Spice”? That said, I would have to say Pamela Anderson. Before the boob job. And I thank whatever is is I feel like attributing satisfaction to THIS week that most of my clients are more enlightened than J ‘n’ Mo. After all I have been cultivating toward this outcome for many years. J and Mo feel uncomfortable sitting at my bar.