1. Rey Fox says

    Head-to-head insemination…seems so much more romantic then what we have. We don’t even have to look at each other while we’re porking away. Makes me wonder if imsemination was head-to-head in humans, would sex be so demonized? Or would we all go around with veils over our mouths, even when eating?

  2. Ryogam says

    “The giant cuttlefish – about as big as a medium dog – mate in shallow water near the shore, making the show easily accessible for snorkellers as well as scuba divers.”

    OK, can someone tell me how big a medium dog is? Give up? Wiki says these guys grow up to 1.5 meters and live for 3 years. Another site says they can weigh 5 Kg. That’s some cuttlefish.

  3. Charlie B. says

    They’re hefty, them Giant Cuttlefish. They’ve got some in the Melbourne Aquarium, which are a couple of feet long in the mantle. They seem to swap the cuttlefish tank about fairly frequently.

    Oh, and the Giant Squid Encased In Ice is still on display for a few more weeks at least…

  4. says

    Been to Whyalla twice. First time was on a holiday! Dad took us to see the Whyalla Steelworks in the late sixties. Second time was when we had a Rangelands ecology field trip nearby in the early eighties. I was taken to Whyalla hospital with an infection from all the scratches on my legs. One of the projects was doing shifts (using an IR rifle scope at night) recording sheep movements then collecting the egesta at the end of it all. Our data didn’t correlate very well unfortunately.

    I have never seen a giant cuttlefish but have seen a smaller species on the Yorke Peninsula to the SE of Whyalla across Spencer’s Gulf. Cuttlefish have to be one of my favourite animals of the sea.