1. Algerine says

    Apologies if you’re already aware of him, but check out Tako at Not only is he a cartoon octopus, but he hosts his own cooking show too.

  2. PaulC says

    Maybe it’s a sign of age, but the top picture fills me with nostalgia for old video games. Do I get to shoot at the squids like space invaders?

  3. PaulC says

    The Grim Reaper/Life game comic is funny, but the same take-off on Ingmar Bergman was already done in in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

  4. says

    The Lio strip is brand new and began its run just last month. In the initial publicity, much was made of the absence of dialog, meaning that Lio would be accessible to everyone. I think they promised a bit too much, since Lio does require a certain amount of reading. And here’s an installment with actual dialog (spoken by Lucy Van Pelt!): Contextual comics.

  5. Evolver says

    I guess the encephalopods
    Have their own ineffable gods
    The octopus thinks
    Of what? It’s a sphinx,
    A riddle to landlubbing sods.