Rats, ship, etc.

The cheerleaders are losing their enthusiasm. I don’t think we ought to let them off the hook: the policies and plans they went rah-rah over are imploding, and they don’t get to foist all the blame on their new scapegoat, Bush. Bush is merely the protruding tip of their inane ideas, and that they’ve lost the courage of their congenital idiocy does not excuse them.


  1. Dustin says

    Wait, Malkin has been deconstructing platitutes for 5 years? I’m pretty sure she hasn’t. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she isn’t lying, but rather that the drugs have fried her brain, and she simply doesn’t remember that she’s been issuing non-sequiters and platitudes for the last 5 years… and having death threats sent to students.

  2. Phil says

    Definitely do not let them off the hook. The beauty of the internets is that we can remind them again and again of their disastrous enthusiasms. On the other hand, maybe we should start giving them the attention they deserve for a change.

  3. Dustin says

    If by attention, you mean attention of the psychiatric kind, I agree. Maybe methadone, too.

  4. says

    Racial hatred and support for genocide are positions that cannot be supported by the President of the United States, no matter what his actual beliefs might be. Therefore, for the extreme wing of the Republican Party, to castigate the president for a small measure of artificial tolerance and compassion is to expose themselves as the bigoted, genocidal, unamerican fascists they actually are. For ALL to see…


  5. Molly, NYC says

    Mark Levin, National Review: “I didn’t spend 35 years in the conservative movement for this. . . .

    Translation: “George Bush is obliged to make my fantasies come true.”