Really, I was joking about wanting this

I just find this whole idea bizarre.

President Bush has picked Fox News radio host Tony Snow as his new White House Press Secretary and is expected to announce the choice on Wednesday, a Republican official said.

Can we all agree that Fox ‘News’ is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party now?


  1. DianeW says

    Saw this one coming like a slow motion train wreck….
    Seig hiel Focks Gnus!!!

    A “snow job” will never be more poignant.

  2. says

    Ever hear of Bill Moyers? Pierre Salinger?

    Were ABC and PBS propaganda outlets for the Democrats because they hired spokesmen for Lyndon Johnson?

  3. says

    Actually, I was just reading at another site that Snow has often been critical of the Bush administration and the Republican-controlled Congress in a number of opinion pieces at (shudder) TownHall. I clicked through on the first one and found Snow berating the administration for its apparent belief that pockets have no bottoms to them.

    While he’s from Fox News, this would seem to go against the woeful cry that Bush is surrounded only by a cabal of neocon “Yes” men. Of course, picking someone from Fox News who is also critical of the administration seems a very smart choice… the right-wing will generally be happy with the choice, and the left-wing will see part of their argument disarmed.

  4. MikeM says

    It makes me sick.

    The only criticism Snow has had of Bush is that Bush hasn’t been conservative enough. It’s disgusting.

    Yeah, I’m worried about the deficit too, but let’s not address that in a PNAC way. Let’s address it in a “Sheesh, Iraq was a mistake, and wow, look what it’s done to the deficit”-way.

    Snow won’t do that. If he were president, he’d find money for Iraq by gutting all our security nets, closing the EPA, and ending support for, well, everything, so we can fund this war.

    This is a debacle.

    I hope this costs “them” in November, but my fear at this point is, well, if the Democrats are already having trouble finding stuff to criticize now, at one of our lowest points in history since Herbert Hoover, then WHEN will they find something to criticize??

  5. NatureSelectedMe says

    I don’t know why you’re getting so upset about a press secretary, MikeM. Seems to me the position of White House press secretary is someone who talks to the press for the White House. Why on earth should that be someone critical of the White House? If PZ had a press secretary, would he pick someone from the Discovery Institute?

  6. says

    Tony Snow will have to dissemble, try to portray spin as the truth, generally obfuscate, and do everything he can to distract from the fact that George W. Bush is incredibly unpopular.

    In other words, his work hasn’t changed.

  7. MikeM says


    It bothers me because it proves, again, that this president in completely incapable of reversing his errors, because in his mind, he really has made no errors. That’s what makes him “The Decider.”

    People quit that job because they get tired of spinning and lying; now we have a “newsman” in the job who will absolutely relish that task.

    Mostly, it proves that he won’t let Rummy go, and he won’t let Rice go… Because they’re just doing what “The Decider” has said to do. It’s PNAC packing, again.

    I suppose I should be happy because this opens the door just a hair more for the opposition in November, and… Scratch that; there is no opposition. My mistake.

  8. says

    Tony Snow going from Fox News to Bush White House = Fox News being “the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.”

    George Stephanopoulos going from the Clinton White House to ABC News = …what? ABC News being “the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party?” No. I seriously doubt you’d ever make that claim, hypocrite.

  9. NatureSelectedMe says

    MikeM, yea, I thought you were just letting off steam and it had nothing to do with Tony Snow. My BDS filter is still OK.

    Now by PNAC I’m assuming you mean “Project for the New American Century”. So how can Bush be “The Decider” if this is all a conspiracy of PNAC? See, that’s just deranged. I bet you’re so far gone you can’t even say one nice thing about Bush. You’re entitled to your opinions of course. I’m just saying.

  10. says

    Can we all agree that Fox ‘News’ is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party now?

    No. We can’t.

    Fox News is a cable news channel with a strong right-wing bias. However, there are several regular presenters who, although conservatives of varying shades, are often critical of the current administrations’ specific policies & actions.

    They’re obviously way closer to the GOP than the Dems, but that doesn’t make them part of the Republican party now, does it?

  11. MikeM says


    Bush would hate me. No question about it.

    So here goes: I’m pretty much with him on the idea of a guest worker program.

    There. I’ve said it. Happy now? He’s completely anti-science, which is what got me interested in PZ’s blog.

    Bush has also lead us into what I strongly believe could do for America what Afghanistan did for the former Soviet Union. So, do I resent Bush? You bet I do.

    Remember, when you go to PNAC’s website, the Bushes helped found that organization. That all fits in nicely, doesn’t it?