I wonder if the FSM is Danish?

I am put to shame—the flying spaghetti monster gets far more entertaining hate mail than I do.

I learned this from an account in USA Today about the FSM, which also has this beautiful jewel of a quote:

“It’s too bad that they’ll get attention for this sort of drivel when we have a robust scientific research program that the media doesn’t seem to want to write much about,” Discovery Institute spokesman Robert Crowther said in an e-mail interview.

A “robust scientific research program”? Hee hee…I had no idea they had such comedians at the DI.


  1. Bachalon says

    Surely someone as relatively high profile as yourself has gotten a few pieces of unintentionally funny hate mail.

    By the way, the meatball is universal, much like the FSM himself.

  2. KS lurker says

    The *best* hatemail from the FSM site:


  3. says

    The FSM hid dinosaur fossils underground to “dupe mankind” about Earth’s true age and
    is the secret force behind gravity, pushing everything downward with its “noodly

    Brilliant. It explains so much!

  4. says

    By “robust research,” I can only assume that Crowther means those unicorns, leprechauns, martians, and all of the other usual suspects that the DI dredges up from munchkinland.

  5. Loris says

    Hey, did anyone else notice how awful the “Christians” who criticized the site were. That kind of language and hateful attitude is certainly not what was encouraged at my parents’ church.

    It’s terribly sad that some people can’t see their hypocrisy(sp?).

    Everyone knows the FSM is secretly Chinese, where noodles come from;)

  6. says

    Such charming Christian attitudes! I’ve always wondered why you were supposed to love your neighbor at the same time as thinking they are going to hell for a different belief system.

  7. Tomas says

    Just FYI The Great Flying Spaghetti Monster would be: “Det store flyvende Spaghetti Monster”.

    Not much of a revalation.

    *Goes back to scribbling some innocent cartoons*

  8. JP says

    I do find the FSM amusing, but as an argument against the DI, it is a little off. The arguments of the DI can be used to suggest other creation theories should be taught (see a fun little piece by David Brin in this quarters’ Skeptic: http://skeptic.com/the_magazine/featured_articles/v12n02_other_ID_theories.php) but FSM fits completely under the umbrella of vanilla ID. One should really promote a different, ridiculous, psuedo-scientific creation theory that doesn’t fit under ID — feel free to include noodles and meat balls though (yum).

  9. says

    Loris and BrassyDel–what d’ya want to bet ;) that many of the e-mails were written by the same person? Wouldn’t surprise me any.

  10. flame821 says

    I find it amazing that

    a] That many xtians miss the sarcasm of the FSM ploy

    b] That so many xtians resorted to obscenities, blasphemy and outright threats, including veiled threats to his not-yet conceived(much less born) children

    c] That so many ppl have such a lack of humor (or is that a xtian thing too?)

    and I love the pirates / global warming chart!! (although I still say ninjas are cooler) ;-)

  11. Steviepinhead says

    I’m sure the FSM’s copious and slimy embrace would be, um, flexible enough to include ninjas as, oh, land-pirates.

    Something of that ichor,er, um, ilk.

  12. says

    My favorite rant in the FSM hate mail is from the guy who semi-literately managed to hit several of creationism’s favorite talking points all in a row:

    There are NO transistionary fossils in the record (ie. half bird, half fish) The second law of thermo-dynamics conclude that everything is falling apart, not evolving into mor complex entities. How come we still have Apes if they evolved into humans?

    Meanwhile, the hunt for the elusive half-bird/half-fish fossil goes on!

  13. John C. Randolph says

    Ah, hate mail..

    I had a hilarious exchange with some twat who took offense to my using “Jesus Christ” as an expletive once upon a time. He actually said “if you were here right now, I’d blow your head off!”