1. says

    It’s okay — the problem is that it can’t be as funny as the bad movies it parodies because those movies were entirely sincere — Ed Wood and similar directors really thought that they were making serious movies and any humor we see in them is non-intentional. “Lost Skeleton” is trying to be funny and in the process isn’t that funny. That scientist line is a case in point — if Ed wrote that line you could imagine that he really thought that’s how scientists thought — that is, that they really believe in nothing as opposed to believing in things with adequate support. But in this movie you know that the writers just put it in to try to be funny.

  2. Loris says

    I’ve seen Lost Skeleton of Kedavra and it is rolling on the floor hilarious! A must see for any B-movie buff.

  3. JWF says

    Maybe this could be your motto, if it weren’t so long and unfunny:

    I believe that the biologist is the most romantic figure on earth at the present day. At first sight he seems to be just a poor little scrubby underpaid man, groping blindly amid the mazes of the ultra-microscopic, engaging in bitter and lifelong quarrels over the nephridia of flatworms, waking perhaps one morning to find that someone whose name he has never heard has demolished by a few crucial experiments the work which he had hoped would render him immortal. There is real tragedy in his life, but he knows that he has a responsibility which he dare not disclaim, and he is urged on, apart from all utilitarian considerations, by something or someone which he feels to be higher than himself. – J.B.S. Haldane, “Daedalus, or Science and the Future,” 1923

  4. C. Schuyler says

    I guess I’m in the mid-range here: it has its moments, but I wasn’t rolling on the floor.

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    I thought the trailer for the movie was hilarious. The movie itself really dragged. Like Badger said above, when one is trying to be bad, it’s not as good as trying to be good but failing miserably.

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    My Dad used to point out how much effort it took somebody like Henny Youngman to be that bad at playing the violin. Indeed, he was an excellent player; the beauty of his schtick was the dogged, irritating squawking he produced….

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    I’m a bit confused. It was less funny because it was being bad on purpose?

    Personally PZ, you could use:

    “This scientific find could mean real advances in the field of science!”

    There are several gems in the movie. I laughed for 2 hours, so I guess I was in the group that “got it”. I sleep now!