An important question answered

A while back, I asked if Watterson ever did squid. I was informed by Philip Johnson (no, not that Phillip Johnson—this is the one who has not dedicated the declining years of his life to stupidity and evil) that a marvelous thing exists…The Calvin and Hobbes searchable database. You can search an archive of Calvin & Hobbes cartoons by keyword! Sometimes I do love the internets.

He does reference squid a few times (Calvin has a squid eyeball sandwich one day, for instance), but he doesn’t draw them. There are two cartoons with Calvin as an octopus, though.



  1. Bill says

    Without doubt, the existence of this database will be the single most important piece of information I learn this week. Perhaps this year. Thanks PZ and Philip.


  2. vandalhooch says

    The database is incomplete, but you can help fill in the gaps. I spent spare minutes today, while the students were working out a genetics project, adding entries to the database. Just don’t enter anything in the search box and hit search. As you scroll through the collection, undocumented cartoons are listed. Click on one and go.

  3. aiabx says

    I think squid science would advance further if there was an equivalent Far Side database. Does anyone know of one?

  4. says

    I’m glad someone else noticed that it is an incomplete work as I was somewhat distressed when I couldn’t find one of my favourite strips. (The one I use as an easter egg on my website, as it happens. Anyone else have easter eggs on their site? I guess asking about it is rude. :))