Skeptical Sunday: A video on the sorry state of the Discovery and History channels

If memory serves, I watched a lot of the Discovery Channel as a kid. While some of the content I watched back then had its problems, they don’t come close to the nightmare that the channel has become. I’d like to believe that nobody takes it seriously anymore, but I’m afraid that, along with the History Channel, far too many people still think they’re watching a credible source.

After watching this Ancient Aliens debunk, and hearing about Discovery Channel’s mermaid debacle, I basically stopped paying attention. Unfortunately, both channels have continued their pursuit of sensationalism over education. The Illuminaughtii digs into their bullshit, the harm it does, and also touches on the white supremacy that’s woven into the various “theories” about why black and brown people shouldn’t get credit for their cultural heritage.

Definitely check out the documentary I linked above (if you have time), but this video is a good overview of the decline of so-called “educational” television in the U.S.



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