Starbucks Strike: Don’t cross the picket line!

I don’t cover labor action as much as I feel I ought to. I’m not sure why, I just keep not doing it. I wouldn’t say that this is a change in that pattern, but we can hope that I’m being too pessimistic.

Starbucks has responded to this new labor movement with relentless, probably illegal union-busting, further highlighting the need for a strong, organized working class, to push back against the capitalists. The workers have decided to strike for three days all across the country in response, and have asked people to actively not buy Starbucks gift cards. Don’t go to Starbucks this weekend, and don’t buy their gift cards. The ruling class has shown that they’ll let the world burn, as long as they get to rule the ashes, which means that we need to build collective power to make the changes we need. This is one part of that effort, so stand in solidarity.

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