Video: Imagine being Ben Shapiro

I’m working on something fairly grim right now, so I revisited this old video for the entertainment value. It’s an interesting breakdown not just of Ben Shapiro’s ludicrous critique of John Lennon’s Imagine, but also of the song itself, and what makes it unique. I also like this because it makes me think about how my own political journey, thus far, has changed my perspective of the song, and my understanding of how it relates to the world.



  1. lochaber says

    I do not understand this at all…

    Granted, the guy is somewhat talented at talking fast and engineering hypothetical scenarios to fit his arguments, but… that’s about it.

    I’ll never understand people who belong to a religious or ethnic minority, are LGBT, or some other traditionally targeted group, who should know better, but still go on to carry water for nazis. Those nazis don’t like you, they just see you as a “useful idiot”, and are going to stuff you in the oven as soon as you loose the “useful” part of “useful idiot”

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