1. Ridana says

    I love platypuses and have seen them in the wild. I was surprised that their bills aren’t very like a ducks, but look like a latex rubber mask glued onto their heads. The King of the Weirdos video omitted one other cool fact, which is that they’re biofluorescent, and glow blue-green under black light.

  2. says

    They’re very cool creatures. I’d like to see them in the wild in theory, but I’m not sure how likely I am to have the money for the trip in this lifetime.

    I didn’t know about the biofluorescence! I knew it was a good way to find scorpions (I didn’t see it myself, but my bio dept. at Earlham had a professor who would write her name on beetles in glow-in-the-dark ink, and then send her students out scorpion hunting with black lights, to see if anyone would find the beetles (and to teach them about scorpions).

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