Tetrapod Tuesday (Yes, I have a problem with alliteration, and no, I’m not going to stop)

Today is a Tegan-less Tuesday. This may shock you, but earning a PhD takes a lot of work, so instead you get to hear from a couple members of the household who haven’t made an appearance in a while.

When it’s nice out, we let His Holiness Saint Ray the Cat join Raksha on some of her daily outings. He has long since gotten over his childhood trauma, and actually enjoys going outside, sneaking through bushes, and eating grass. The problem is, while he has yet to try to leave our yard, he does like investigating bushes, which means that to let him out, we have to be willing to rummage around in bushes to get him if he’s not ready to go inside when the time comes. In other words, he’s been shut inside for most of the winter, and was thrilled to get the sun and wind on his fur, and grass in his teeth.

The image shows a stocky male cat with a hint of "tomcat jowls". He's got thick, medium-short fur that stands out like deep velvet. He's facing the camera, with his head looking off to his right. His left leg, chest, throat, muzzle, and center forehead are snowy white. The rest of his head and ears, and his back and tail are a brindled golden-tan and gray-black. He's sniffing the breeze after eating some of the green grass he's standing on, and licking his lips. Next to his right leg, which is the same brindle as his back and tail, is the base of a small street lamp

Having sampled the grass by the lamppost, His Holiness sniffs the air and licks his lips.

Just after taking this picture, I went to pick up after the dog, and he scampered into a row of cedar trees where the food waste bins are kept out of sight. I took the dog back to the trash bin behind the house, and went over to root around in the bushes and trees for His Holiness. Apparently it wasn’t necessary, because when I glanced back out at the green, I realized the good saint had scampered back into the open as I started my search, so I followed him over to his next patch of grass, by a maple tree. Raksha also took an interest.

The image shows a brindled black, gold, and gray cat with white legs eating grass at the base of a tree, in the foreground of the photograph. Further back, on sun-lit grass, is a medium-sized dog, approaching the tree. She's black with creamy fur on her legs, eyebrows, and cheeks. Her large, pointed ears are aiming in two different directions. Both animals have their fur glowing with sunlight.

Raksha wandered over to join us

For those who don’t know, Raksha’s about 15 years old now. I got her from a shelter in Indiana in the summer of 2007, and they said she’d been born that March. Since then she’s been with me in Indiana, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Scotland, and now Ireland, and I’m pretty sure this is going to be her last stop. She’s needed arthritis meds to be able to walk at all for the last couple years, and she’s almost completely blind in the dark now. I’m pretty sure she mostly just sees general shapes, because this past winter, she thought the wreath the neighbors had hung on the door might be a person a number of times. She also has some trouble with her throat, and I’m getting her checked for kidney problems tomorrow.

All that said, she’s still enjoying life, and interprets most sudden movements when we’re outside as an invitation to play, which is endearing.

The cat is… as he always is. Forever wanting more food, and otherwise generally acting like a stuffed animal.

The image shows a cat and a dog by a tree. The cat, with brindled black and gold-gray fur, and white legs and throat, is eating grass. if you look closely, you can see sunlight turning his eye golden as he munches. The dog is mid-sized, and black with cream legs, face (except for a black stripe on her snout), cream-colored fur on the inside of her pointed ears. She's sniffing the tree. Both of them have their fur glowing in the sun.

This is the Best Tree, at least for today. Good grass, interesting smells – it’s got everything a tree needs!

I think everybody’s glad for spring. Soon it’ll be warm enough to have the windows open all day, and to spend at least some of my time working outside (It’s a pity I don’t have a laptop, or it’d be more). When that starts, you’ll get to see His Holiness sulking in his leash and harness, because I don’t trust him not to get into trouble while I work, and I definitely don’t trust in his ability to survive as a street cat. I’ve also been training him to come for treats when I play a flute my grandmother left to me, so maybe you’ll get a video of him watching me play as though he actually cares about the music!

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  1. StonedRanger says

    Its totally telling, this tendency towards terms alliterative. Its also a good time for them to tiptoe through the tulips (as it were).

  2. StevoR says

    A little alliteration is always okay by me.

    My old kelpie Chokko is a year younger than Raksha & very similar. Also struggles to see these days, on anti-inflammatory medicine and has really, reallyslowed down. taking it very easy on her and treasuring each day and moment she has. Won’t force her to suffer but as long a s she is happy and not in pain or suffering. Yeah. Pets are family.

    Great photos and change of topic because sometimes we do need a break and pet therapy, well, I owe what little sanity i do have left to that and a few other things.

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