Rebecca Watson on why you can trust the new COVID-19 vaccines

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed incredibly quickly. It normally takes at least a couple years to go through the process with the appropriate safeguards, and while some of that delay is simply because of the time it takes to process the paperwork – which has been accelerated in this case – a lot of folks are reasonably concerned about the safety and effectiveness of something developed in such a hurry, especially with Trump trying to take credit for it.

Thankfully, we don’t need to worry. In this video, Rebecca Watson breaks down what the situation is, and how these vaccines were able to be developed so quickly. Give it a watch, and share the video with any friends or family who are concerned.


  1. says

    Pfizer didn’t test the vaccine on people with allergies, and now some are having adverse reactions. Those affected are being and can be treated, but this will no doubt feed into anti-vaxxer “theories”.

    But this does raisd a valid point about drug companies. They test only a narrow range of people because there are fewer variables, then leave different groups of minorities susceptible to side effects. And with a race to produce a vaccine for worldwide use, there’s likely even less testing.

  2. Marja Erwin says

    “people with a significant history of allergic reactions”

    So… people? It’d help if they could narrow down which allergies.

  3. billseymour says

    Marja Erwin @3: I hear on TV news that it’s allergies to food or medications that are severe enough to require that one have an EpiPen handy.  Both the folks in the UK who had the bad reactions used their EpiPens and recovered.

    It doesn’t sound like hay fever, etc., is a problem.

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