Old, but gold: Hbomberguy on climate denial

Dealing with a week-long head cold right now, so writing is going slowly. That said, I think it’s worth posting an old(ish) video by Hbomberguy about the weirdness of climate science denial. The points he makes here are good, especially when you consider how many of the “arguments” made by climate deniers were concocted – and debunked – years, or even decades ago.


  1. aquietvoice says

    Ah, an old one but a good one indeed.
    The section from 13:57 is very simple science, but of dire importance for understanding how the media bubble operates for the right wing / alt right / alt reality.

    The formatting and appearance used by the climate deniers for their content is unchanged from someone making a genuine argument and being genuinely angry because the opponent is being foolish, but it has been rewritten to be done quickly and easily with minimal cognitive effort.

    It’s a great adaptation to the modern media environment, and it is one of the great examples of how and why no-context argument-bites can make people believe such anti-reality stuff.

    Fascinating! It’ll kill us all, but still, fascinating!

  2. lochaber says

    “sell their houses to who Ben!?, fucking Aquaman!?”

    I don’t think I will ever stop laughing at that line

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