Panel discussion tonight! Science fiction and social justice!

A few years ago, someone on Freethoughtblogs was accused of sexual harassment, and when folks decided to take the accusations seriously and investigate, he ragequit the network and started throwing lawsuits around. The lawsuits are over – we won – but the bills remain.

So we’re doing a fundraiser this weekend, with others in the future as needed, to pay the bills!

You can go here for the full schedule, but I’m doing a panel tonight on science fiction and social justice, at 7pm EST/ 12am BST, along with several other lovely people. Like all good things, it’s free to attend, so come on by!

If you want a sampling of my own science fiction work, here are a few things you can check out – works finished and unfinished!

Brigadoon, Space Station in the Mists (on hiatus, but new updates coming soon)

Sun, Moon, and Stars – the inspiration for a short story series about a flooded New York City a couple thousand years in the future

Dining Out – a recent addition to that series, normally reserved for my lovely contributors on patreon.

You can tune in at the fundraiser link above, on Youtube, or right here:

I hope to see you there!

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