A Young People’s History of the United States: Free e-book for a limited time only!

Something to add to your quarantine reading list:

To provide access to people’s history materials for students while school buildings are closed, Seven Stories Press is making the e-book version of A Young People’s History of the United States available for free download for 48 hours — on Wednesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 26.

This is the young adult edition of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States: 1492 – Present, adapted by Rebecca Stefoff for a middle-school reading level.

Invite students and colleagues to download the e-book to an e-reader during the 48-hour window from Wednesday March 25 to Thursday, March 26.

Find lessons for teaching people’s history on this website and in the Rethinking Schools publication, A People’s History for the Classroom. Find close to two dozen young readers’ editions of social justice and people’s history classic texts at Social Justice Books.

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