“Turning the page” – how the GOP has gotten away with a series of criminal presidents

Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Trump – five Republican presidents who grossly violated the law at various points in their careers, and were pardoned preemptively, or just allowed to get away with it. Clinton was “punished” for lying about sex, but not for the people he bombed to distract from that lying.

We need to end the trend of holding presidents above the law, and the GOP is at the forefront of political criminality. There is no justice but the justice we make, and ignoring the crimes of Republican presidents for the sake of “moving on” has taught them that they are above the law.


  1. StevoR says

    I don’t know about hanging every POTUS but there definitely finally needs to be consequences for the current one and ideally as soon as possible.

    I’d also reckon on maybe turning Bush the Lesser, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others over to the Hague for the 2004 Invasion of Iraq. (Do US pardons override International charges & laws? I’d guess not but not really sure.)

    Yes, I would basically agree that nobody – especially the rich and powerful incl. POTUSés – should be above the law.

    I’ve also have an interesting speculative scenario that Trump might step aside at end of his time in office infavour of Pence expecting Pence to pardon him – only to have Pence then refuse to do so and condemn him instead. Sure Pence ha ds a lot of contempt for Trump really and would use this refusal to pardon and turning on Trump as a way to make a case for him then getting a full term or two (& again arguing the SCOTUS picks aspects for the Christian Taliban.)

    One more thing, the article written by Jeff Hauser & partly shown breifly in this clip with him can be read in full here :


    In case that helps.

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