The spite of rich men: GOP takes millions from FEMA to feed ICE

The obvious take on this would be to say that the Republicans are cutting off their nose to spite their face. They took ten million dollars from FEMA to increase their immigrant/refugee concentra- detainment center program. That would be giving them too much credit. The GOP, regardless of who its base might be, is a rich people’s party dedicated to the greed of rich people. They’re not cutting off their nose, they’re cutting off the nose of their constituency, to spite the scapegoat they tell their constituency to hate. The GOP loses nothing by destroying this country, so long as they keep making money, and their propaganda keeps working.

So far, it looks like the voters who keep the GOP in power have been willing to endure quite a lot of hardship if the people inflicting it have an (R) after their name. I hope Hurricane Florence won’t be as disastrous as expected, but if it is, I wonder if any Republican voters will take a second glance at the way their hero de-funded FEMA to pay for family internment.

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  1. Kreator says

    they’re cutting off the nose of their constituency, to spite the scapegoat they tell their constituency to hate

    “Breathing is for [insert slur of choice]!”
    “Trust me, that nose is not a real part of your face, cut away!”

  2. coragyps says

    FEMA doesn’t need that money anymore. They’ve let most of the True Patriots (TM) out of the FEMA Camps that that Kenyan guy set up, so there are fewer mouths to feed.

  3. ridana says

    If the lack of FEMA money causes them any hardship, they’ll just blame it on the dirty furiners takin’ their munnies. I’m sure they’ve already got Breitbart’s people working on the memes.

  4. says

    Yeah, the GOP has a good racket going. They’ve unmoored the anti-government sentiment from any connection to reality, and so now they’re openly cheered when they make the government worse, and when they complain about how bad the government is.

    I feel like petty nihilism might be a decent description of the philosophy of their base.

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