And of course, it’s not just FEMA…

The GOP is also looting the Coast Guard to find their genocidal ambitions.

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  1. says

    Do they even understand what the coast guard does? Maybe if they just told the GOP that they’re basically a border wall but on water, they could keep their budget.

  2. says

    That would require them to actually care about the things they claim to care about. If one of their yachts goes down, the coast guard won’t let a missing $30 million stop them from rescuing their rich asses.

    It’s the poor victims of hurricanes, and refugees on boats who will die because of that, and that’s all part of the GOP’s game plan.

  3. ridana says

    I don’t expect this will impact the Coast Guard’s emergency operations. If they need to overspend their budget, the government will just in turn raid funds from various social welfare programs that serve the poor.

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