Self Care – Astronomy [Video] of the Week: Cassini’s Grand Finale

This, to be honest, is really sad for me.

Saturn has always been my favorite planet, so Cassini holds a very special place in my heart. I love Cassini. I follow it on Twitter, and follow updates very closely. Cassini has been in space for 20 years, and at Saturn 13 years. It’s been an amazing run, with so many incredible findings about Saturn and it’s wondrous and fascinating moons.

But time is running out. Cassini is running out of fuel. So NASA has planned a Grand Finale. An epic, bittersweet grand finale.

First, Cassini will dive between Saturn and it’s rings. It’s already done that once, on April 26. And it’s geared up to do it 21 more times.

Then, on September 15, Cassini will… um…

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Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Styx and James Young Play Renegade Live in 1996

Admittedly, I don’t like a lot of Styx (just personal preference in this case… nothing against ’em, and they are talented), but there are two Styx songs I love: Come Sail Away and…


This one is live in 1996 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. For something that I’m guess is supposed to be an official release, this isn’t the greatest quality (some unofficially released Led Zeppelin pro-shot videos have better quality, and those were recorded in the 70s). However, it’s pretty darn good.

I was trying to find video of Styx playing it live in 1978 or 1979, but that’s okay. This works rather nicely…

The first guitar solo starts at 2:51 and ends at 3:47. The second solo starts at 4:21 and ends at 5:31. The third, and final, solo follows up a rather cheesy lyrical call-and-response section and a shout-out to “I Shot the Sheriff”. It starts at 6:56 and ends at 7:13.

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Self Care – Dad and I Singing “Oseh Shalom”

My Dad’s a Hazan, I’ve mentioned this many times, so that’s out there.

He also writes music, and likes to take Jewish prayers and arrange them into these rather nice songs. Here’s a clip of Dad and I singing his arrangement of “Oseh Shalom” at his Cantorial concert last year.

(Obligatory self-criticism incoming…)

I really shouldn’t have had my hair pulled back like that, and I really… really… don’t like wearing suits. I also honestly feel awkward singing on a stage without also playing a guitar, which is why I mostly stare at the music stand… while the music is there, I’m not really reading it so much as wishing I had a guitar… heh…

But otherwise… this is pretty nice…

Sorry for the self-promotion, here…

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Self Care – Recipe! African Peanut Soup

This isn’t my recipe, but it’s one I’ve made multiple times. And guess what?

It’s vegan!

Yup, you read that right.

It’s vegan.

Though I hope you aren’t allergic to peanuts. If you are, stay away from this one…

Sorry for the lack of pictures on this one, though. If I manage to get time to make it again, I’ll add pictures to the post.

So… without further ado… African Peanut Soup.

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