Looking back at my blog recently, it is literally just me sharing stories of how terrible the current administration is, interspersed with Self Care posts.

I’m basically just posting angry, while attempting to lighten things up with nonsense. I haven’t really even provided ideas for resisting.

In my defense, everything is horrible, and everyone already knows how to resist. You all already have the tools, and know the protocols. Call, write, sign petitions, protest, vote… these are the vanguards of resistance. Worse, it so far looks like resistance isn’t fucking working…

And sadly, it’s not going to get better. Because I get a daily round-up of everything that happened that day in Agent Orange’s US-America (quick side-note: I first heard Agent Orange on TWiBPrime… I think Dara M Wilson was the one who I heard use it first; so it’s not mine), I blog about most of those. Every once in a rare while, there’s only one or two things, and they aren’t worth blogging about. But more often, the round-up is long, and there’s a lot I want to highlight.

I usually don’t provide any commentary, either, because it would literally just be a very long string of cuss words.

I’m sorry to say that there’s two things I’m highlighting today: one is a WikiLeaks dump (although, after previous incidents, I’m much more skeptical of them than I used to be), and the other is about how Agent Orange disparaged President Obama for something Bush II did.

And there will very likely be more tomorrow and into the future.

All interspersed with random Self Care posts.

Oh… and I’m working on a post about ableism, and ableist words, and I’m also slowly drafting a commenting policy.

I’m actually starting to miss the times when I used my old blog for laughing, or yelling, at Young Earth Creationists, or explaining how and why I’m both an agnostic and an atheist, or answering ridiculous “questions” from theists to atheists…

I recently went back to my old YouTube channel, and watched some of those old videos… playing Steve Howe’s Masquerade, Greg Lake’s From the Beginning and Lucky Man, and Jake Holme’s Dazed and Confused (I think it was Marcus[?] who wanted to actually see me play guitar and sing?… there you go), goofing off with my brother, responding to God (yup… God had a YouTube channel… it’s gone, now, sadly), ranting about atheists trying to “claim” Einstein as an atheist, talking about what the YouTube Atheism/Theism debate meant to me… and some problematic stuff that kind of embarrasses me…

It was sorta nostalgic. I actually kind of miss all that. I don’t miss the misogyny, the racism, the homophobia, the transphobia… I don’t miss ThunderDouche, or The Amazing Douchenozzle… but I do miss not having an unqualified failed businessman with a spray-on tan occupying our white house. And I’m looking forward to the day that isn’t true.

I would very very much like to start blogging about positive stuff again, or trivial stuff like creationists… but what does any of that matter when our country is being destroyed from the inside out by a man who’s hair is trying very hard to run away from him?



  1. blf says

    I’m reading / responding to this post via the free WiFi at a favourite café perhaps a minute’s walk from where I now live, on the South coast of France (more on this below). I’ve been enjoying many of yer posts here at FtB, and encourage all the Good Work. You do point out there is a certain bimodalism, either well-justified rants and incandescent reports, or benign and helpful aids. Whilst I concur a more diverse mix would be better for everyone, I also believe I understand the current bimodalism.

    Here in France perhaps the main concern is what I call the le penazis, that is, the National Front, now led by Marine Le Pen, daughter of the former party führer Jean-Marie Le Pen — both of whom are full-on nazis. She is widely considered to be one of the two candidates to make it to the second round of the French presidential elections in roughly two months time, and the possibly of her winning cannot be discounted. In addition, even if she looses, her facists may still be one of, and possibly the, largest party in Parliament, which is a disaster from every perspective (except, perhaps, Putin’s?).

    Hair furor in the States means I feel exceptionally uncomfortable returning (I am a natural-born citizen carrying a USAian passport); I am also uncomfortable with going back to the UK, where I have spent many years, putting me in quite a dither: Two countries I have associations with are now mostly-facist, and the third may go on-full facist.

    So what does that have to do with this excellent FtB blog and its current bimodalism? Well, having blathered this far, I’m not too sure… can we blame it on the sunshine, good vin I ordered to accompany a most excellent lunch, and the bière I just ordered?

    Well, of a sorts, yes (especially since it’s all quite relaxing and tasty!), but my point is everyone has preoccupations and perspectives. That’s natural, human, and (as a general rule-of-thumb) in moderation not a bad thing. We are are complicated hairless apes tasting of pork, who do not normally go Ook! — although perhaps some Ook!-ing and poo-flinging is in order… along with empathy, admiration, humour and snarks.

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