Great Guitar Solos – Cream Play Crossroads Live

Often, when you love an artist, you eventually end up discovering that they really aren’t a great person. This has held true with Eric Clapton. It kinda sucks that this amazing guitarist who, like many other amazing guitarists, made his money playing the music of black people (the Blues), was also pretty damn racist (and considering the fact that he’s never actually apologized for those remarks, and actually reiterated his support for Enoch Powell over 30 years later, probably still is). Sadly, I can’t hold up one of his greatest guitar solos without at least mentioning his racism.

With that in mind, his guitar solos on their cover of Robert Johnson’s Crossroads is pretty damn incredible. Proof that “Slowhand” was more a misnomer than a nickname; he had speed.

(This video, BTW, was made by taking the track from Cream’s album “Wheels of Fire” and matching it with video from another show of them playing this same song.)

The first guitar solo starts at 1:28 and ends at 2:11. The second guitar solo starts at 2:32 and ends at 3:36.



  1. says

    He’s not a greatest guiitarist. He’s OK, but he’s never been much for creating original music. “His” greatests songs were mostly written by J. J. Cale and, as you said, Robert Johnson, and other great blues riffers. Sure, he can play very very well, but when you compare him to Jimi. Prince, Stevie Ray or Jimmy he’s basically a cover band. I think even J. J. Cale’s versions of his hits that Clapton made famous are often better -- J.J.’s delivery has a soul and grace that Clapton always lacked.

    That particular solo, for example, is muddy and inconsistent. I assume this was from his “heroin period” when he was barely holding it together, and it shows.

  2. jockmcdock says

    I believe the original recording was about 22 minutes long and has been edited down by Felix Papillardi. Clapton himself said he didn’t remember it as being anything special. The editing would also introduce the inconsistencies that Marcus refers to. That and the fact that it wasn’t that great to start with.

  3. says

    Whether you knew it or not, 2016 marks 80 years since Johnson wrote the song, yet it still stands up and speaks to people. Other than perhaps “Louie, Louie” and “Smoke On The Water”, is there another song that gets covered and played by as many bands?

    Rush’s cover of “Crossroads” in 2004 is better than Cream’s, and so is Lifeson’s solo. {runs away}

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