Great Guitar Solos – Steve Howe “Masquerade”

I don’t like everything Yes, but I do enjoy their more progressive/symphonic stuff. And I consider Steve Howe to be one of the greats. This was first released on the Yes “Union” album, which I own. It’s a full-on instrumental guitar solo… no other instruments or singing or anything. It’s a bit more simple than other solos, but I absolutely love it. Years ago I tried learning how to play it, but I wasn’t good enough then, and I haven’t tried again in years. I think I’d have a much easier time picking it up now if I tried… and I think I very well might.

This video is from Steve Howe’s own Youtube channel. It shows both his fingering hand his picking hand, so you can see exactly how he plays it. I find it really nice, simple, and atmospheric. I hope you like it, too.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    I loved everything Yes did from The Yes Album to Relayer, but their next two (Going for the One and Tormato) disappointed so much that I didn’t bother with them any more, and what little I heard by chance didn’t change that. Oh, and I still think their cover of Paul Simon’s “America” is the best I’ve heard.

    No expert I, but I was always impressed by the playing chops of Howe, Squire, Bruford and Bruford’s successor on drums, Alan White.

    Anyway, here‘s some pretty impressive bass work from Squire.

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