This is immensely exciting and… perhaps… a tiny bit scary. It is an honor to have this blog at Freethought Blogs, and I hope I can do this amazing blog network justice.

I’ll be posting a select few of earlier writings here, but leaving many, many more behind, for different reasons. For right now, I just wanted to say hello.

Unfortunately, I’m very terrible with themes and such, but that won’t stop me from attempting to make this place look cool and not generic. It’ll take a while, though…

Welcome to Atheism, Music, and More!

Also, and this, I think, is more important… I’m sure most of you have already, but if you haven’t, please go and get to reading the Orbit! So many people I admire, many I’m lucky enough to also consider friends, are blogging there now, and it looks like it will be an amazing place going forward. So make sure you show them some love, too!


  1. nahuati says

    Hi Nathan!

    I’m glad to see that you have a blog at FtB, and look forward to reading your posts!

  2. geekyhumanist says

    Hi there, Nathan! I’m another of the new kids on the block here. Right now, this sort of feels like the first day at university, or something; a bunch of people stumbling around, wide-eyed, wondering where the dining hall is.

    Good to see you and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  3. says

    Ha! Perfect analogy. Love it! I hope my intro blog, a repost of something I wrote back in 2015 (White Supremacy and Violence), is a worthy submission to FTB…

    Can’t wait to read what you write, too.

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