NYC to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of Trump Tower. LOL.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio is taking a page from Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser:

(via New York Daily News.)

The city is planning to paint the words “Black Lives Matter” in bold letters right in front of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

“The president is a disgrace to the values we cherish in New York City,” Julia Arredondo, a spokeswoman for Mayor de Blasio, said in a statement. “He can’t run or deny the reality we are facing, and any time he wants to set foot in the place he claims is his hometown, he should be reminded Black Lives Matter.”

The famous rallying cry will be painted on Fifth Ave. between 56th and 57th streets, right in front of the president’s flagship high-rise, as well as Centre St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

Earlier this month, Hizzoner said the city would paint the phrase throughout the city in the wake of heated protests sparked by the May 25 death of Minnesota man George Floyd at the hands of police.

A giant "BLACK LIVES MATTER" sign is painted on Fulton St. on Monday, June 15, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (John Minchillo/AP)A giant “BLACK LIVES MATTER” sign is painted on Fulton St. on Monday, June 15, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (John Minchillo/AP)


If I may be so bold to make a helpful suggestion?

Dear Mayor de Blasio:

I think it’s great that the City is putting Trump Tower on blast. It is a largely symbolic gesture of course, but that is not a criticism: symbols have power. It is also pretty fucking hilarious to imagine tenants and guests there peering down from their criminally expensive perches to see BLACK LIVES MATTER emblazoned on the street below in enormous yellow lettering. Very amusing!

But let’s face it: no one who resides in Trump Tower is going to become enlightened by exposure to that message – or by anything else, really. However, I have some ideas for locations where BLACK LIVES MATTER emblazoned on the street in enormous yellow lettering might actually make a positive impact, particularly with repeated exposure. I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of specific addresses for you.

NYPD logo


Precinct Phone Address


1st Precinct 212-334-0611 16 Ericsson Place
5th Precinct 212-334-0711 19 Elizabeth Street
6th Precinct 212-741-4811 233 West 10 Street
7th Precinct 212-477-7311 19 1/2 Pitt Street
9th Precinct 212-477-7811 321 East 5 Street
10th Precinct 212-741-8211 230 West 20th Street
13th Precinct 212-477-7411 230 East 21st Street
Midtown South Precinct 212-239-9811 357 West 35th Street
17th Precinct 212-826-3211 167 East 51st Street
Midtown North Precinct 212-767-8400 306 West 54th Street
19th Precinct 212-452-0600 153 East 67th Street
20th Precinct 212-580-6411 120 West 82nd Street
Central Park Precinct 212-570-4820 86th St & Transverse Road
23rd Precinct 212-860-6411 164 East 102nd Street
24th Precinct 212-678-1811 151 West 100th Street
25th Precinct 212-860-6511 120 East 119th Street
26th Precinct 212-678-1311 520 West 126th Street
28th Precinct 212-678-1611 2271-89 8th Avenue
30th Precinct 212-690-8811 451 West 151st Street
32nd Precinct 212-690-6311 250 West 135th Street
33rd Precinct 212-927-3200 2207 Amsterdam Avenue
34th Precinct 212-927-9711 4295 Broadway


40th Precinct 718-402-2270 257 Alexander Avenue
41st Precinct 718-542-4771 1035 Longwood Avenue
42nd Precinct 718-402-3887 830 Washington Avenue
43rd Precinct 718-542-0888 900 Fteley Avenue
44th Precinct 718-590-5511 2 East 169th Street
45th Precinct 718-822-5411 2877 Barkley Avenue
46th Precinct 718-220-5211 2120 Ryer Avenue
47th Precinct 718-920-1211 4111 Laconia Avenue
48th Precinct 718-299-3900 450 Cross Bronx Expressway
49th Precinct 718-918-2000 2121 Eastchester Road
50th Precinct 718-543-5700 3450 Kingsbridge Avenue
52nd Precinct 718-220-5811 3016 Webster Avenue


60th Precinct 718-946-3311 2951 West 8th Street
61st Precinct 718-627-6611 2575 Coney Island Avenue
62nd Precinct 718-236-2611 1925 Bath Avenue
63rd Precinct 718-258-4411 1844 Brooklyn Avenue
66th Precinct 718-851-5611 5822 16th Avenue
67th Precinct 718-287-3211 2820 Snyder Avenue
68th Precinct 718-439-4211 333 65th Street
69th Precinct 718-257-6211 9720 Foster Avenue
70th Precinct 718-851-5511 154 Lawrence Avenue
71st Precinct 718-735-0511 421 Empire Boulevard
72nd Precinct 718-965-6311 830 4th Avenue
73rd Precinct 718-495-5411 1470 East New York Avenue
75th Precinct 718-827-3511 1000 Sutter Avenue
76th Precinct 718-834-3211 191 Union Street
77th Precinct 718-735-0611 127 Utica Avenue
78th Precinct 718-636-6411 65 6th Avenue
79th Precinct 718-636-6611 263 Tompkins Avenue
81st Precinct 718-574-0411 30 Ralph Avenue
83rd Precinct 718-574-1605 480 Knickerbocker Avenue
84th Precinct 718-875-6811 301 Gold Street
88th Precinct 718-636-6511 298 Classon Avenue
90th Precinct 718-963-5311 211 Union Avenue
94th Precinct 718-383-3879 100 Meserole Avenue


100th Precinct 718-318-4200 92-24 Rockaway Beach Boulevard
101st Precinct 718-868-3400 16-12 Mott Avenue
102nd Precinct 718-805-3200 87-34 118th Street
103rd Precinct 718-657-8181 168-02 P.O Edward Byrne Ave.
104th Precinct 718-386-3004 64-2 Catalpa Avenue
105th Precinct 718-776-9090 92-08 222nd Street
106th Precinct 718-845-2211 103-53 101st Street
107th Precinct 718-969-5100 71-01 Parsons Boulevard
108th Precinct 718-784-5411 5-47 50th Avenue
109th Precinct 718-321-2250 37-05 Union Street
110th Precinct 718-476-9311 94-41 43rd Avenue
111th Precinct 718-279-5200 45-06 215th Street
112th Precinct 718-520-9311 68-40 Austin Street
113th Precinct 718-712-7733 167-02 Baisley Boulevard
114th Precinct 718-626-9311 34-16 Astoria Boulevard
115th Precinct 718-533-2002 92-15 Northern Boulevard


120th Precinct 718-876-8500 78 Richmond Terrace
121st Precinct 718-697-8700 970 Richmond Avenue
122nd Precinct 718-667-2211 2320 Hylan Boulevard
123rd Precinct 718-948-9311 116 Main Street

I wholeheartedly approve of spending our city’s tax dollars on this endeavor. I can only hope that you, Mr. Mayor, and the City Council will unanimously agree to deduct the costs from the police budget.


-Iris Vander Pluym


  1. blf says

    @2, I’m reasonably confident the policegoon’s currrent budget can pay for all the necessary paint.

  2. robert79 says

    I saw the NYPD logo before I saw the list of addresses, and thought you were going to suggest painting over every single police car.

    Painting the streets is probably more practical… I’m all for the impractical though…

  3. blf says

    I’m all for the impractical though…

    Hiring squirrels to paint the policegoon cars?

  4. says

    Oh, I’d say the paint fund definitely won’t be a problem. According to my #1 girlcrush AOC via an email she sent me a week ago, New York City’s police budget is $6,000,000,000.00. SIX BILLION DOLLARS. The city could do all the Black Lives Matter lettering in fucking gold leaf, and it would barely put a dent in that.

    For perspective, my BFF AOC also helpfully informed me that amount is more than NYC spends on housing, youth, hospitals, and homelessness services – combined.

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    From the sample shown, it appears no Brooklyn rooftops feature any solar panels. Why not, Mr. de Blasio?