What a shocker!

OMG YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT?? The Texas shooter had a history of domestic violence and investigators say his killing rampage was linked to a “domestic situation”:

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Tex. — Investigators said Sunday’s church massacre in Texas occurred amid an ongoing “domestic situation” involving the gunman and his relatives, at least one of whom had attended the church.

Kelley, 26, was court-martialed in 2012 and sentenced to a year in military prison for assaulting his spouse and child, making him the latest mass attacker or suspect with domestic violence in his past. He was reduced in rank and released with a bad-conduct discharge in 2014.

This has never happened before! It’s just a shame that virtually every mass shooter in recent times doesn’t fit a profile like, say, “violent entitled men who abuse women and children” or something. Then it might be easier to do something to address it? We could maybe ensure such exemplars of American masculinity never have access to guns? Too bad, so sad that they’re each a Lone Wolf living in a cultural vacuum without any common behavior in their backgrounds to trigger an intervention.

Well. At least we have an endless supply of thoughts-n-prayers to offer the victims and their families.


  1. Raucous Indignation says

    Stripping all “violent entitled men who abuse women and children” from possessing firearms would be a start. It would also have the added benefit of denying firearms to 80-90% of LEO.

  2. kestrel says

    @#1, Raucous Indignation: Perfect! I see no down side to this. If 80-90% of LEO were to be disarmed, things would go much better for the rest of us.

    It also has the added benefit of letting people know just how badly things need to change in this country.

    Not that I’m holding my breath.

  3. Danial Kelley says

    I have always owned guns and have never shot anyone. I have always been an atheist and never cared much about religious people or not. Some religions have been fighting for first place in the pole position race. Religious wars have been going on since there was 2 religions. People get there head on straight and see this as the same fight over and over. We will never get rid of religion which really sucks. We will never get rid of guns either, which people need to understand . Tighter gun control laws , what does that mean all the bad people wont turn there guns in. Most of these shootings guns where either bought legally or was used by a criminal who doesn’t go by the laws of the land anyway. The church shooter shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun or acquire a gun by law but that probably wouldn’t of stopped him either way.