Conversion therapy: kill it with fire.

Feel like exercising your constitutional right (while it lasts…) to click links? GOOD!

Click on over to Freethought Resistance, then click the link to CREDO* Action’s petition to Congress to ban conversion therapy. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA33), sponsor of the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, says of the legislation:

It says it is fraud if you treat someone for a condition that doesn’t exist and there’s no medical condition known as being gay. LGBTQ people were born perfect; there is nothing to treat them for. And by calling this what it should be, which is fraud, it would effectively shut down most of the organizations.

As a California state senator in 2012, Rep. Lieu was also instrumental in passing a similar law, the first of its kind in the nation. Just last month, the California law withstood a final appeal to the US Supreme Court based on a “religious freedom” argument. In the wake of the high court’s rejection, there is some momentum on which to capitalize here: the national legislation has been referred to committee in both the House and Senate.

Come on, you godless heathens! You know you enjoy trampling the “religious freedom” of bigoted fraudulent assholes at least as much as I do. Get your click on.

*CREDO Mobile is a lefty activist mobile company: every month it allocates a portion of its revenue to various activist non-profits, as voted and allocated by its customers. (CREDO is, for example, Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate donor.) Consider switching to CREDO as your mobile carrier, and stop funding anti-democratic donors like AT&T that fund conservatives. They offer a lot of the same deals on phones, contract buyouts, incentives, fees, etc.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    LGBTQ people were born perfect…

    Even Milo Yiannopoulos? Ernst Röhm? Roy Cohn?

    Ted Lieu may be right about Therapeutic Fraud Prevention, but not about his word usage.

  2. says

    Fair enough, Pierce. Unfortunately, to date no one has nailed down whether the disease vector for Right-Wing Assholism™ is environmental or genetic (although I certainly have my suspicions). Whatever is wrong with Yiannopoulos, Röhm and Cohn sure as shit is NOT their sexuality.

    But you already knew that. :p

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Your restraint is impressive.
    I Am Canadian. Can I sign this thing?

  4. says

    chigau: Another non-USAian asked a similar question on the petition post, and as I told her, the petition requires a zip code. So while I don’t know for certain, I’m pretty sure if it’s not a US postal code, it either won’t go through or will be automatically discounted. But thank you for thinking this was important enough to ask the question.

    Raucous: I agree, although I think there may be certain innate temperaments that make one predisposed.

  5. René says

    Iris, at number 5. What makes you think I’m a ‘she’ (since you’re using ‘her’ to refer to me)? Feel free to show your American biases.

  6. says

    René @6: please accept my sincere apologies. At a quick glance your pic as a thumbnail read uber-femme to me, and a close family member who spells her name the way you do is also very much a (lesbian) she. I was hasty in making my remark to chigau, and try to be thoughtful and careful about such things. I don’t know if it’s a distinctly USAian bias so much as an English language bias, one that forces its users into an automatic gender binary with pronouns and such when this is neither needed nor wanted. Again, I am sorry.

    I will try not to make this same fuckup again, with you or anyone else—although I will almost certainly make many new and different fuckups, as activists and would-be allies are pretty much guaranteed to do. (Such is the nature of privilege, unfortunately.) I welcome being called out on them, as you have done here. Thank you for that.

  7. Raucous Indignation says

    It is environmental. All LGBTQ people, all people, are born perfect. I would italicize “born” if I knew how. The very nature of the nature vs nurture debate is inherently racist/classist/misogynistic/ableist. There is no allele for gay or racist or violent or whatever. The biases in our society are so deep and ugly that they worm into everyone.