Gee, Thanks: For making me wait two weeks

After much foot dragging by my employer (they’re supposed to organize it), I finally have my booster third shot.

And 18 hours later, I’m as sick as a dog, unable to sleep, just like the first two times.  I already know I won’t be working on Monday.

The annoyance about their foot dragging: two weeks ago was a four day long weekend, Monday and Tuesday off.  And now I’m going to lose a day’s pay, or two.

Third shots are mandatory for nearly all foreigners and many Taiwanese.  Plus, there are a bunch of places now requiring proof of a booster shot.

Shots for kids are finally starting to roll out, too late for how they’ve recently “handled” things, the new policy of “live with COVID, for the economy!”  Active cases are over 10,000, many schools are closed, and it’s expected to hit a million by September.  Needless to say, I’m ticked.

What happens when (not if) the next variant appears?  What if it’s not so innocuous to inoculation?


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Rhiannon, I’m sorry you have had such lousy reactions to all three shots. My first was no big deal, aside from an arm that was just sore enough to be annoying most of the day. My second did cost me a day of work with quite unpleasant flu-like symptom that fortunately were gone the next day. For my third, I also got a flu shot at the same time. I was able to make it through a day of work, but I was really dragging by the last couple of hours.
    I think a wise government policy would be to not only provide vaccines for free always, but also to provide everyone with a paid day off, or if one is retired, self-employed, a student, or otherwise not in a traditional job, just hand them maybe $100-200 cash.