Reddit Asked: What you believe happens after you die?

Updoot Everything is a youtube channel that collects responses to questions on reddit, and creates videos with computer generated voiceovers accompanying the text.


As the title suggests, a recent question was “Atheists, what do you believe happens after death?”  In a video posted on Saturday, the answers range from insightful, to poetic, thoughful, funny, honest or just mundane.  A few non-atheists, “spiritual” and silly answers took up space (e.g. “living in a simulation”, “reincarnation”, etc.), but most make for good reading.



  1. dean56 says

    Clearly late to the dance here, but my answer when people ask me is this: I’m going to be cremated and have some ashes placed in a 5 minute (hour-) glass so I can continue to be in our sons’ game nights. (The plan is actually to spread ashes in a local forest where I hike and do photography, but that’s a boring answer.)