At Least One Good Thing Happened Recently

Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for murdering George Floyd, a man he knew personally and had conflicted with in the past.  They were not strangers, it was a personal vendetta.  That sentence is insufficient, but it’s better than nothing, which is what cops usually get despite committing murders far more egregious.  Other charges against Chauvin are still pending, and if those judges want to send a message, make them consecutive sentences.

Chauvin deserves the worst possible detention.  Put him in a SHU cell, solitary confinement with no human contact except for guards, lawyers, and doctors.  I doubt he’ll get family visits after his 40%er wife left, but ok.  Make sure it’s a suicide proof cell, don’t give him an easy out like Ariel Castro.  Sadly, Minnesota has banned the serving of nutraloaf, or I’d recomment that as his diet.

“Cruel”?  Hardly.  He took Floyd’s life out of personal revenge and believed he could get away with it.  His prison sentence is more life than he allowed George Floyd.


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      You wouldn’t want to see him leave an incontinent old man with no one to care for him? And remembering and regretting every single day why he is there?

      A quick exit (by his own hand or someone else’s) wouldn’t satisfy as much.